Ma kids of the world

Sri Lanka
This my fav kid of all
Son of our friends in Balapitiya on his 6 birthday.His name is Dewmina. April 18 he got a sweet lil brother named Muthumina. Beautiful kid with great black eyes.
Met the family  last year september when we visited that paradise. Have still good contacts.
Gonna meet his family again in october when we visit Sr Lanka again.Look forward to meet them again.
Click on pic to enlarge
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4 Responses to Ma kids of the world

  1. Saptha says:

    it’s so nice to meet someone who lik esmall kid’s becoz me here same like that !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sweeti's says:

    He Slim-slThx for ur comment. U know kids are innocent.All kids of the world have a right of basic things.

  3. KrAzY says:

    hey MJ … Hope u r comming here soon …. Dun forget to find a Belgium gal for me …. lol (Just kidding)

  4. duminda says:

    I know that u really love’s children’s, no matter who there are? Where are they from? And u don’t care about skin color, that’s most important. I’m really appreciates your kindness…..DCP

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