Non violence
Non violence is the greatest power mankind is disposing of.
She is more powerfull than the most powerfull distroying weapon thats  ever been created  by human beings.
This pronunciation is from the most famous man from India Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi.
From a shy youngman he became one off the most monumental personalities of the twentiest century.
Gandhi faught for the indepence off India, with his only weapon peacefull resistance.
Gandhi said Our earth has enough for everybodies needs. But not for everybodies greed.
Only when ur poor u can be rich in thoughts.
Gandhis nickname Mahatma means "great soul" in sanskrit.
When he came at the end of his live India became indepentant.
The skinny bold headed man was loved by million Indian ppl.
His doctrine and methodes are now well know over the whole world.
Gandhi also tried to reconcile hindoes and muslims, but he did not succeed in that.
Ironic the model of peacefullness (Gandhi) became the victim of blind violence.When he went in 1948 to some meeting a fanatic hindu killed him with some bullets.
Gandhi said  " Hey Rama "  it means  " Oh God" Than he fell down.
U know he always said to ppl  He would die this way.
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