Some years ago we visited Croatia again. We used to go there for several times before the civil war.At that time it was still called Yugolavia. Serbes and Croatian ppl lived together but there was always some tension between them. The hotel we used to go to was totaly destroyed. Strange to see, there was grass growing on the balconies.We went inside the ruin, it was like in the movie  "the day after".It was hallucinating.
Than thinking how many ppl died in such a usseless war.
The uniqueness of Croatia lies in its diversity. Situated between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea( By the way Very Salty the Adriatic sea  when U go under water U have to drink something fresh afterwards), Croatia provides visitors with the opportunity to ski in the winter and swim during the summer, all within driving distance. Croatia has more than thousand islands and reefs, it is the most beautiful coast of the Mediterranean, Thats my opinion.
There are many national parks We visited Plitvicka Jezera, with beautiful waterfalls.Croatia boasts the largest number of developed settlements in south east Europ.
Dubrovnik is a national heritage Protected by Unesco.We stayed in Cavtat. 5 km down.
The Croatian ppl survived the war. Like in every war there are no winners.
They are all victims.Serbes and Croatians.
We stayed on the border with Montenegro. In the evening after short walk went for a drink.Went in a bar.
Then we met a girl who used to serve tables in our hotel we just to go, she remembered us, in the evening we always talked with the ppl who worked in the hotel  Was like big family. It was always during world or european football championship we stayed there, so we watched  tv with them and did always prognostications with the guys.But when u won this prognostication u had to pay a drink for everyone.
The girl was so glad she met us again, so after her work we talked abt the tragedy that she had gone through.Really heartbreaking.I still can see her face.
Had a trip to the Neretva valley, very special surroundings. we went with a boat to some place for a picnic.
On the boat they served national booz  called slivovic.Bottles were empty when we arrived to the picnic place.
See pics. I will add 2 morrow.
Everyone happy  Next day everyone headache. LOL
And a very dry troath.
Croatian coast is really worth visiting.Beautiful ppl, and very nice food and most of all u feel good when ur there. Try it.
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  1. Christopher says:

    Heeey!I’m back. Just wanted to say hi. I just submitted my research. I shall be back Marij. I must read your blogs,Take care, :)Chris.

  2. sweeti's says:

    Hi ChrisIf u want I will put ur site on my guest bloggers Its oke for U????Sweeti

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