Try to reach the moon.
If u dont succeed….u will end on a star.
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4 Responses to Moon

  1. duminda says:

    itz really nice to see.. more sri lankan’s are comment on ur..siteDCP

  2. James says:

    or you will fall back down to earth at a tremendous speed and burst in to flames on re-entering the aptmosphere.

  3. Christopher says:

    Isn’t it the other way around???:DHey, you can add me, of course!!! Hehe, I’m flattered! I noticed lots of Sri Lankan links on your space……….do you have any Sri Lankan connections? I mean there aren’t many in the blogging world, yet to found them, sheeeeeeesh! :DTake care MarijChris

  4. sweeti's says:

    He JamesU have to hold someone Than u wont fall down LOLSweeti

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