Amazing love story

 This morning read something real interestingstory in my newspaper.
Its abt Anna Trzebinski , fashion designer,who had a great carier.
Her mariage was not working like she wanted. so she searched for some rest  in the wilderness of Kenia.During some expeditions she met the ten years younger man Lemarti.He was a member of the Samburu tribe. When she was some days on the road with the expedition the guide was getting her attention. He had a great attraction to her. He showed strenght and enormous pride. She felt safe with him around.
Year passed by. Anna went back to Kenia to visit him.There was romance in the air from the first minute. She was afraid to start a relationship with him coz they had such a different background. He never left his Samburu tribe, he couldn’t read or write.And she was a woman of the world.
It became more difficult each time to separate. So she left her country UK for Nairobi.
Time later they got married, a wedding that lasted 5 days.She was accepted by his tribe.
She is now enjoying her new start of life, with only the most important  basic things that ppl need ,love and to be loved. 
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2 Responses to Amazing love story

  1. Trish says:

    My comment is that i am very very interested in Anna’s story….because I am in love with a Samburu tribesman, and he is the same about me. We met in December last year in Mombasa and have not stopped extensive communication ever since. He has asked me to marry him and I want to, but the obstacles seem insurmountable. However, I am going back to Kenya at the end of April to be with him and see how we get on. At the moment I cannot get on with my life here in the U.K, and we are like a couple of sick parrots! I am trawling the ‘net for information about anything to do with the Samburu tribe and obviously Anna’s story struck a major chord with me. I have already encountered negative thoughts from people who love me because they are worried about me, but I am level-headed and going into this with eyes wide open. My man says love is blind, and its true for we have hurdles to get over, with age, colour, distance and culture, but I have never known anything so exciting in my life and feel that this is my destiny, and he thinks the same. I await any comments, both negative and hopefully positive!   Trisha 

  2. Arctic says:

    MJ, a very very exciting start with a very touching love story, i should have come back earlier.
    the damma busy…heheh
    take care.

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