I put this on my blog , even I am a woman.
To all the women of the world, This is not an attack on our behaviour.Coz we know it isn’t so.
There are FEMALE  hormones in beer
Last weekend some guys were testing this topic to reality
In their hangout place they tested this topic just for SCIENCE,after drinking 20 beers they proved this was so true.
 RESULTS:   they agreed
1.We all gain weight.
2. We talked all the time, without saying something meaningfull
3. We couln’t drive the car decent, parking the car was even worse.
4. We couln’t think logical.
5. We couldn’t admit we were wrong,even if we knew.
6. Every one of us thought he was the most important person in the group
7. We had a terrible headache , and sex was out of the question.
8. Hardly get our emotions under control
9. We walked constantly hand in hand, to stay on our feet.
10. We had to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes, never alone, somebody has to come with us.
next weeK   WINE TEST.  LOL  (doing this in weekend coz otherwise ur loosing ur job
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