Looking back

Dont look back in ur live,
there is no ability to change a thing.
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One Response to Looking back

  1. Newman says:

    Hi Sweetiknock knock,anyboday home?Hello? I’m Richard,I carried all my luggages with me…oh these flowers R for U:)Thank U for your kind words! As U can see that I live in a cruel countryI remember when I was 6 years old.Life’s so boringglad I found a homeless dog on street and liked him very muchI share my lunch with him and meet him everydayI give him a name which’s the same as me,we R good friendsUntil oneday,I can’t find him anywhere,he didn’t show up as usual,I have bad feelingI back home very unhappy,tell my father about it,but he can do nothing eitherSuddenly I smell something special on table,it’s from my neighbour, they give us meat to thank us for helping themI have no mood for eating,but we were very poor that time,usually we can’t have meat for dinner,so I take some from dishes.Next morning,I wake up early and try to find my dog at the same place.I didn’t find him,I meet my neighbour and he told me the most horrible thing in the world..I was 6 that time,U know how terrible I feel that time…In school,a guy play a small trick on me,and I almost beat him to death,he stayed at hospital for 2 weekshe still hate me nowAnd since that time,I feel hard to trust in people,I feel hard to love my country,and I never have my petsI don’t even touch any dog or catHeavy topic….sorry I’ll just stop here I guess
    I never look back,I know I can’t change anything

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