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what day is to day

This morning when i woke up, didn’t know for a moment what day it was. Yes:( Im that far gone…lol….Just for some minutes though..My brains started to work again   huh… Time goes fast, cant keep up . When its continuing on that speed  … Continue reading

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Computer love

A Good friend is like a computer   I enter ur life Save u in my heart Format ur problems Never delete u from my memory  

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Sleep position gives personality clue

If u want an insight into somebody’s true personality, then try to catch a glimpse of the way they sleep.   We are all aware of our body language when we are awake but now we are able to see … Continue reading

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Just look at you

 I look at you just for a moment I cant speak no longer   immediately a tender glow is spreading under my skin   with my eyes i cant see nothing my ears rustle   I am immersed in humidity … Continue reading

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Have no fear, I’m near

When u feel all alone inside ur heart don’t be scared to fall apart. Think of precious times when u had no fear in these moments i’ll be always near. Even though not physically sure I’ll be there for u … Continue reading

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Bad news

  Very bad news   My comp has to go for repair  Takes  at least 1 day.   Im going now   ………Bye

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Waste land

On waste land written by JC Koelemij   On waste land Stands a boy with a shocking past Raped How long will this pain last?     On waste land Stands a girl with a terrifying past Raped How long … Continue reading

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