Last night had a birthday party and came to talk abt his issue.
In Ireand there is a woman that won 115 million eur in a lottery.We agreed that it was better to make more ppl happy with some smaller amount.
With that 115 million u can do so much, to help other ppl.If I was her I would have some real projects in my head.U cant use that money for urself.
So that was in my head.
Im dreaming like hell always. So this morning I could remember everything of my dream.
I was the lucky one.It was not that much of money i won …but anyway. I was somewhere in the outback when i heard the news i was very rich, did not had the money yet. On my way home, did not know where my home was, coz i did not recognize a thing.
I know I had many friends with me. On the way there was a woman drowning in the mud. Friends said Oh shis already dead. Cant help. I went of a truck ad pulled her out of the mud.did the mud of her mouth and did some CPR.
She came back to live..Than the woman dissapeared, and I was on my way home..woke up…
Sometimes u remember dreams, ur question urself ..?Did I dream  ..looked so real..
Checked my purse this morning….???? some 10  , 5 euro  thats all.
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7 Responses to Dreams

  1. Christopher says:

    Hehehehehehe, funny! The thing is money is a funny thing. We always say we will be charitable and I guess most mean it, but once they get rich, they get greedy and don’t like to give it away. Money can do that to you!As for the presentation, thanks for all the tips pal! Fortunately we are forced to do presentations throughout the three years at uni, therefore we are quite used to it, yet practice makes perfect, I agree and showing my slides to others is a good idea.Thanks pal,Take care,Chris 🙂

  2. just saying hello says:

    Hello Marij!I would like to say thank you for coming by and seeing my space. It is always nice to hear from someone new. You have some great photos, the orchids were gorgeous! I won’t stay long, I am suppose to be getting some sleep, so on that note, if you are going to dream, then by all means dream big and don’t let anyone hide them away from you. Take care!Chow!Ren

  3. duminda says:

    hey i think THE REALITY OF DREAMS is a processing plant for real time experience we have not fully "digested" i have experience that!dcp

  4. Shinji says:

    Thanks your visiting my blog. This Africa is good place to visit. I thinke you like to travel. Please visit here sometime. I would like to introduce nature of Africa.

  5. Jaime Campbell says:

    Thanks for sharing the dream. I dreamed about my Dad last night. Whenever I see him in my dreams, I’m happy because I miss him so. But the dream was a sad one. I wish I’d win the lottery!Love, Jaime.

  6. KrAzY says:

    hey M,Nice dream … Hope it’ll come true soon (I mean winning the lottery part)I know everyone dreams at night …. But i dun remember a thing in the morning and thats why I always say I don’t dream…. 😛

  7. sweeti's says:

    Hi AKnow u dont dream..U miss a lot of nice things…..Sweeti

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