101 things abt myself

  1. My Birthname is Maria
  2. Was born early in the morning 4.30
  3. Beautiful kid,big head and lots of curls
  4. Youngest of three, have older sis and bro
  5. Ima a libra, cant take decisions
  6. Had a very protected youth
  7. At the age of six had my first surgery Appendix out
  8. Still hve that smell of hospital in my nose
  9. Never been punished by my parents.My mum’s eyes were enough
  10. Just played with guys. No girls in the neighbourhood. Not my fault
  11. Never played with dolls
  12. PPl say I was a bright student.Dont wanna brag
  13. Liked gymnastic hour @ school
  14. Once burned inside of my hands.Climbed a rope.And let myself down to quick
  15. At the age of eleven  second operation,,same area.Dont wanna give details
  16. Got a white acoustic guitar as a gift for my pain
  17. Can play one song by heart  WOW
  18. Have him still. …to much memories
  19. Im a cat lover….Chica is nr 3  Killer cat
  20. First totally black second totally white.Died of old ageThose were 2 softies
  21. Schooltime went very normal..Partying and getting teachers on top of their nerves
  22. Had boy friends  like everybody
  23. End of school
  24. Nver had to apply for a job.Job came to me
  25. Still working @ my first.
  26. Have now my 3 CEO
  27. Like my job..make 550 employes happy every month..Payday  LOL
  28. Soft music is necessary for me during my working hours Cant work without
  29. Fav colours  Black, white and dark blue
  30. Drive lil black car
  31. Had some accidents with my lil blacky
  32. Drove with loud music.Dont do that.Hit  some yellow things @ a parking.
  33. First thing I do when im somewhere else. Inspection of toilet
  34. Dont like dirty toilets
  35. Important basic things…water…deo….clean underwear and tooth brush
  36. PPl who smell…..I make a big turn…sorry
  37. At the age of 19 played football.Lived in the Netherlands, played in Belgium International LOL
  38. Had a great team,played in de middle, right place.Starting my running career
  39. Like to skeeler and swimming …
  40. Dont like ppl yelling @ me
  41. Have troubles with ppl who look right in ur eyes, and lie like hell
  42. Wantto make the world a better place. Try…. every day
  43. Like to meet other ppl….culture  well  the whole world
  44. Fav artist Mickey Rourke
  45. Fav movie  Wild Orchid     Check it out…..Full of feelings
  46. First cat was called Mickey  Like the name  Very Cute
  47. Love poems,, the sweeter,,,the better
  48. 3 times in my life had a hangover.Day after….Never do this again. Feeling so sick
  49. Im born in the wrong place,  like sun……
  50. Help someone….plz to fill this 101  Half done
  51. Dont like car drivers who park their car on 2 places  Selfish  ppl
  52. Both my parents died
  53. Like reading short love stories and biographies of ppl who ment something to this world
  54. Like strips,  just for a quicki
  55. Was blood donor for several years
  56. Like chinese , and tai food with a big beer
  57. Drinking 1,5 liter water every day
  58. Try to do my running rituals on schedule
  59. Like to colour my hear, black, blond or whatver
  60. When it turns out wrong Take the consequenties
  61. Letting my hair growe almost same lenght as my Paris pics
  62. Hav my ears pearced 2 times
  63. Im very proud of my special tatoo, Just havng him for some months
  64. Designed by my great designer friend
  65. Wearing glasses.Gonna have a new look in short time
  66. Gonna see Mr and Mrs Smith when I have time
  67. Dont like cleaning my bathroom, ungratefull job
  68. Im colouring my nails of my toes, and wearing enkel bracelet
  69. Nr 69   WOW  like this number  …Dzjee
  70. When I win the lottery.I share with friends..Who wants some???
  71. Wrong question…Who needs some???
  72. When im dead.I wanna be burned
  73. Than brought to Sri Lanka.Told my closest friends already.So they have to do this
  74. Thrown out over the Madu River
  75. I want all my close friends by my side
  76. Afterwards U can have a drink on my account
  77. Back alive……Need a coke once and a while (The drink not the other one)
  78. Live in an wonderful neighbourhood.lots of nature
  79. I prefer white furniture
  80. Sleep in a waterbed. Really something U have to try it out
  81. In winter . Up to 30 degrees
  82. Like hot stuff
  83. Im collector of baptism sugar. Its a gift when baby is born Lil present to remember the new born
  84. Have thousands of them
  85. Like lil kids all of the world
  86. Like Big kids to…..LOL
  87. Love to love and be loved
  88. Im alsmost there….
  89. Learn every day. specially computer things
  90. Like to write my feelings down Try not to go to far
  91. Fav fragrance léau díssey Miyake
  92. Some ppl like apple fragrance
  93. When im in another country always visit church, temple or mosque
  94. Always in time @ work.
  95. Watch TV only when there’s nice movie
  96. Like to walk in nature
  97. Doing adventure things
  98. Jumped in 10 meter high waterfal in Dominican Rep.
  99. Almost drowned
  100. Want to fly in  lil plane  As pilot.Not gonna happen i think
  101. Thats all guys  …made it

Hope U know enough of me now, Going for my weekly run now.Hope I will stay dry.


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6 Responses to 101 things abt myself

  1. Jaime Campbell says:

    Hi Sweeti Girl,What a wonderful list! Yes, if you win the lottery, I need some! lol Just kidding. I wanted to tell you how much your comment on my blog meant to me. I’ve been thinking about it all day and just wanted you to know what it meant to me! You are so encouraging and I really appreciate that!Much love to you. I hope that you stayed dry on your run.Jaime.

  2. KrAzY says:

    looks like sum1 is bored … lolz

  3. sweeti's says:

    Hi ANo way….sweeti

  4. Baris says:

    Hi SweetiI looked your pics.. I saw turkey photos in your album .. thats good Maybe You know, I’m from turkey Barış

  5. Angel in Disguize says:

    very niceee.. u had such a adventerous childhood seems likee… 😛 coool

  6. Angel in Disguize says:

    very niceee.. u had such a adventerous childhood seems likee… 😛 coool

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