Love no ….

Love looks trough a telescope
envy through a microscope…..
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4 Responses to Love no ….

  1. Tida says:

    What if love looks through a microscope?? :)..(pardon me, I’m just curious, truely..^_^ )

  2. sweeti's says:

    Hi TidaWell …HUHHHHEnvy is bad. PPl making fuss abt very lil things Envy abt the most every lil things Close …thingsLove through a telescope looks so much further.Its more open, widerWhen love looks through a microscope its not real love coz ur short sighted. Heeee really difficult to explane. U know Im not a good explainer.Im gonna think Give me one dayMaybe U can help me..Sweeti

  3. Baris says:

    hi sweeti I added you on my blog friends list and Tida too :))

  4. Back says:

    well i do open my eyes when i kiss theres nothing better than hehe thats enough cheers on stoping by my space i love your pics black p.s *HUGs*yep i need more of em

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