Media violence

Got this in my mail
Media violence infects ur children.….  non stop violence. On tv and computer screen.
In computergames children can kill as much innocent ppl  as they want, the more the better.
This is very detrimental for their development.
Read this story of a mum .
Fully concentrating 3 kids were sitting before their computer, playing the newest version of a very aggressive game Grand Theft Auto.
Mother enters to ask to come for dinner.
She gets no answer ….Than   Wait a minute… yelling to his mum  without looking at her.
Blood is all over the screen.
In the mind of the mother the alarm went off.
She asks the boys what their doing…. Just a game ….they said.
They have to kill or torture as many persons … one game
During dinner the three boys are discussing what movie they are gonna watch that evening.
They choose Kill Bill no.2
Children absorb these violent acts.
Their mom is gonna have a serious talk with her three children. Hope they are gonna listen and throw that trash away.
Every year there are coming more violent, atrocious games cd roms and dvd on the market.
Even in toy shops and  video librabries. In the section entertainment?????
This confrontation with violence for young children is not good.
There is a link between the violent behaviour of children nowadays.
Were are the movies of Walt Disney….innocent and full of love things
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