Taking care

Its holiday time
I just read in Shinji blog he has to take care of friends car.  
Im in same position to take of someones property…Not such a nice car  but the house and everything thats in it.
Normally they will be home this evening and I dont have to look after the house anymore.
The most difficult thing is to let the plants  stay alive.. Looked yesterday evening and  Thx God
everything is still alive…:p
Came back a day to late. Found  it necessary to have a party  with some holiday friends.
Well im happy they had a good time, coz they have to work  in a few days  for another year.
16.45  Belgium time  Neighbours back home..Mission accomplished.   :p
 the can take care of their own plants now..PUUUHHH
Music  installed  THX Duminda.
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4 Responses to Taking care

  1. duminda says:

    Just passing through ur blog, didn’t had time on last week, u put nice photos of turki

  2. Christopher says:

    HAHA, funny abt the plants! Yups I know keeping them alive is a priority, especially if the owners like plants! :DTake care Marij!Chris 🙂

  3. KrAzY says:

    Nice Song MJ …. 😛

  4. sweeti's says:

    Thx A.U know I like these B&S songs Thx to ur notes and Dumma.

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