I’m waiting

Today was besides my sunday run ….one of total relaxing…so not much to tell.
some family visit and for the rest being lazy,,have some sms ,,watching tv… tennis between 2 belgian super girls Justin Henin and Kim Clijsters…the top of women tennis….atm its  0-1  going to watch the gaim…..Their playing in Toronto.My fav is Justin…its now 21.oo belgium time…I think most of u are already in bed,, besides some Night owls….( and their are many)
Wanna put this poem in between…..
I’m waiting
I’m waiting for u to talk to me.
I’m waiting for u to see….
I just love u
So don’t understand me wrong
I’m waiting already so long
For u to hold my tight
But i’m still not in ur sight
So I just wait……
 Last news.
My fav tennisplayer lost her game 0-2
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4 Responses to I’m waiting

  1. Jaime Campbell says:

    Your poem is very beautiful. I love your words. Thank you for what you shared with me on my space. I agree that I still have strong feelings about The Divorce. Writing about it does help to put it into place. Thank you. You’re a Sweetie! 🙂 Jaime.

  2. Baris says:

    thanks for comments .. I watching F1 sometimes.. My fav driver is Button…Take Care

  3. Saptha says:

    sweeie it’s relly awesome i gonna copy it form you i dont think u will get angry with me if i copy it form you

  4. sweeti's says:

    No prob Saptha

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