Waste land

On waste land written by JC Koelemij
On waste land
Stands a boy with a shocking past
How long will this pain last?
On waste land
Stands a girl with a terrifying past
How long wll this pain last?
Just around the corner
Stands a man with a horrible past
When will the rapist rest?
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6 Responses to Waste land

  1. L says:

    He Sweeti,Thnaks for comment in my log. It`s already a few years back, But some times the feelings come backSee youBrassboy

  2. Debra L says:

    Marij,Thank you for visiting my Space and for the very astute comments on my babies. Yes, welove our cats and treat them with so much respect and smother them with love. Our latest adoptee was a feral in her early life then lived at a shelter for almost a year. She was tough to convince but she is now a loving, purring little princess.Again, I thank you for noticing and to make that assessment through pictures says so much to me.Your hunter, Chica – what a doll. And a stinker! That poor mouse! Chica has such a look of pride in those telling eyes.Soon,Debra

  3. KrAzY says:

    The boy and gal shud get together and kill the rapist so that the rapist can REST IN PEACE.Just kiddin M

  4. sweeti's says:

    Agree A.But i hope he will not rest in peace

  5. Tida says:

    stop the rapist!..PS. you’ve got a very beautiful garden 😉

  6. sweeti's says:

    Thx Tida

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