God in heaven

God in heaven….God above..
Plz protect the one I love…
send with a smile and sealed with a kiss
I love the one who’s reading this.
Im watching tv now  The news..America..New Orleans…Biloxy. That hurricane Katrina was expected..ppl had the chance to run….I see now how devestating ppl still are.No help..
A woman was looking for her sis…Going with a boat to her house  She did not find her..Dead bodies were still in the water…THIS IS AMERICA….really sad..How many days have passed since the start of this disaster…..Ppl have no water..screaming …  sitting on the roof of their houses..its like a knife cutting in ur heart…
Had to  write this down…..
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8 Responses to God in heaven

  1. Penny says:

    ty for your comment hope u had good weekend too

  2. Nicola says:

    Hey Marij,I actually don’t think he has a space…he is actually away study in Cuba…..It is indeed sad that so many people have lost their lives and what is even worst is the fact that help takes forever to get there.C ya LaterNic.

  3. Jaime Campbell says:

    Hey Marij,I know. It’s so sad. I honestly can’t watch it because I know if I see an abandoned animal, I will dissolve into tears. I just can’t take it. Listen, thank you sooooo much for your comment. I appreciate your encouragement to keep writing. It does help and the effect is very interesting. They are stories that have been tucked away and "done" for a long time. To take them out again and dust them off for an entry causes me to review them with an older perspective. It’s good for me and is helping me to grow and to let go even more of these things that happened. It is my life to live now and I am happy for that. Thanks again for your encouragement and your love. You’re a sweetie, Sweeti! Love, Jaime.

  4. meltem says:

    Hi Marij!thanks very much for dropping by …nice to see someone from Belgium in my planet! i have great memories with that song "stand by me…" and you are right, dance slowly… we all always have a rush through life! so why not, dancing slowly!??? be slow to see, feel and touch everything around us… i read your above entry… it’s too sad! and This is America…!!??? i can easily feel what the people feel while i’m watching on TV, cause we had something similar in my conutry a few years ago ( a big earthquake… we lost thousands… )i hope the help will get there soon!Whenever you want you are always welcome to my Planet! Nice day…Meltem

  5. meltem says:

    Just now i saw your photos! you have been to Turkey! i guess you like travelling!?Meltem

  6. Tida says:

    ..I’ve seen the news about hurricane Katrina on TV too..that is really sad for those who’ve lost … 😥 hope they will recover soon..

  7. meltem says:

    good morning! wish you a great week!of course u can add:)) i will do also:)))i guess we have so much in common… let’s keep in touch!meltem

  8. adi says:

    nice space u got here.. and i especially love the pic on teh top…. looks really cool..cheers,,adi

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