Full moon

The fool moon is something special, since im interested in Buddishm and reading a lot…..I know its more than just a shining romantic subject.
Full moon 
Im looking for something tonight
while Im guided by the light
Without a goal, without a real thought
only looking what love has brought
The road im walking is long and strange
but that is something I cannot change
while walking around, watching the full moon
I realise that life goes too soon.
And where Im going I have no clue
I only know that light is coming from u
send by KW
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7 Responses to Full moon

  1. Penny says:

    hiya and thank you for the comment on my space .. how are you hope your well . feel free to come back and say hello anytime .. take care .. penny xxxx

  2. Reem says:

    I like the FULL MOON too so relaxing ,,,Dear ~Space~ Birthdays~ Members Just wanted to say HELLOOO and share with you Miranda’s Space she has a blog entry just for ALL THE MEMBERS OF SPACE ~ BIRTHDAYSClick and Space in : -)http://spaces.msn.com/members/RareGold/ Thank you for all ,,,~REEM~

  3. Baris says:

    I was happy your to be healthy… I used bad english at this sentence:))Take Care and your health.

  4. meltem says:

    Marij… thanks for your nice words :)))i like this poem! "i only know that light is coming from u"… sensitive and touching!!! i like moon ( not only the full view) … because it reminds me someone very special!!! but also i think that watching the moon and the stars is so relaxing!!! i can write thousands of things about moon:))) you are right it’s more than shinning romantic subject! i read a lot:)))Meltemp.s.: nice to read that you are healthy again… take care

  5. A Utah Woman Am I says:

    I really enjoyed that poem Marij.I too love the moon. It has always fascinated me. It reminds me of the scene off of "The Kid", where they are just staring at the moon and proclaiming how huge and awesome it looks. This poem has a lot of hidden meanings. I am sure if I were to read it once every day I would get something new from it. I love poems that are able to do that for me!I am wishing you a great Tuesday. I hope it goes well! 🙂

  6. Aman says:

    hey sweeti … sorry to hear about your … ahem … veggie incident glad to know you r on your feet again , u tough cookie , ufrom one LUNAtic to another … have a great week[ n be careful when you order mushrooms next time , ya ; p]ax

  7. Tida says:

    Glad to have you back :).. & nice poems..Have a wonderful day & take care stweeti

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