This evening I did nothing else than watch Iraj’s web. Super…
Really awesome music and videos….Thx Cryptodyne guys great job……Champagne time   ( or Vodca) 🙂  LOL  Big party. Dont get to dizzy.
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2 Responses to Iraj

  1. Jaime Campbell says:

    Hi Sweeti Marij,Thanks for coming by to see me. I know, Doug did feel and still does feel a great deal of pain about my father. It is very sad.I hope you are feeling well today.Have a wonderful evening,Love to you. Jaime.

  2. Golfing Lady says:

    I love your pics of your gardens and yard. How beatufil they are. I bet fall comes really early in Belgium. You are farther North than the State I live in (Ohio). Hope you have a good evening and a restfull time.God Bless,Pat

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