Dear God

Dear God,
So far today,
I’ve done all right.
I haven’t gossiped.
I haven’t lost my temper.
I haven’t been greedy, grumpy,
nasty, selfish or overindulgent.

I’m very thankful for that.

But in a few minutes, God,
I’m going to get out of bed;
and from then on, I’m probably
going to need a lot more help.


Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only life can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.
(Martin Luther King Jr)
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11 Responses to Dear God

  1. Marc says:

    Grensoverschrijdend? hahahaha spannend hoor. Werk ze en uiteraard een hele fijne dag. Groetjes vanuit Holland… Marc

  2. Rachael says:

    I like that prayer…i must remember it…Hope your well.. love the flower pics…hugs..

  3. A Utah Woman Am I says:

    Hey there!I promise to come by later today to give a proper comment. I just didn’t want to dash off to class without dropping a hello your way! Hope you have a fantabulous day. Keep smiling and I will be back soon! You Rock!-Kelsey

  4. Rita says:

    Very good, thank you for the smile :)) and for the visit. You have a beautiful site 🙂

  5. A Utah Woman Am I says:

    Interesting quote. Light and love. Those are two things that every life must have, in my opinion. If it wasn’t for light–our lives would be darkened…in more ways than one, that is for sure. And if it wasn’t for love–how would we be able to smile? Because it is a feeling of love that happens when we feel love. Hope you are having a fantastic day Marij!

  6. Tida says:

    Sweeti – Thank you for keeping in touch ..:) I don’t forget u either..with you a wonderful day..and take care.

  7. Golfing Lady says:

    I love the writings you post on your blog. Very good one tonight. God Bless.Pat

  8. Aman says:

    great entry , miraj … im jealous of your garden .And when the storm comes …and the mighty wind shakes the forest … and thunder and lightning proclaim the majesty of the sky …then let your heart say in awe, "God moves in passion." KHALIL GIBRANhave a great day ax

  9. Unknown says:

    Goeiemorgen MarijWens je een hele fijne Donderdag toe, moet de hele dag werken bleee, heb geen zin vandaag…..Enjoy youre day…Knuf Marianne

  10. Shawn SKC says:

    Hello there thanks for the message and that was an interesting quote.. I guess you read a lot of books right. hope you have a fantastic day(s) .. Bye for now.

  11. L says:

    T` is niet zomaar wat, de tekst die je hier schrijft Sweeti.wondermooi. Een grote mate van realiteits gehalte zou ik zo zeggen.

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