Heavens gate

Last night I dreamed my life was done, and heaven’s gates flung wide.
And with kindly grace, an angel ushered me inside.

And there stood those I’d shunned or judged unworthy or unclean.
Indignant words rose to my lips, but never were set free.
On every face showed stunned surprise: no one expected me.

Kisses are like tears, the only real ones are the ones you can’t hold back.
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11 Responses to Heavens gate

  1. paulina says:

    mooi zeg ..ene jeetje wat ga jij ver weg op vakantie leuk hoor nou iig een hele fijne week en als je weg gaaat kom ik zeker nog ff gedag zeggen ..fijne avond meid liefs paulina ..

  2. Marc says:

    Hoi Marij ik kom jou ook een waanzinnig leuke week wensen… Geniet ervan Marc

  3. Golfing Lady says:

    Hi Dear Friend,Wishing you an awesome vacation. Just be careful while traveling. Have lots of fun and relaxation. Will miss hearing from you.Have a great week. Pat

  4. meltem says:

    Hi Sweeti!!!! during these days i am so busy and tired!!!! because of dealing with three different jobs… that’s why i couldn’t update my space :((( but i ressly miss you and your words!!and like the entry as always… kisses like tears… all the best

  5. Jaime Campbell says:

    Oh Marij!I love this! I love it. I have lots of thoughts about heaven and all who will be there. Very cool ending, too.Thanks for your friendship, support, and love, Sweeti!Joy. Jaime.

  6. Marc says:

    Het was hier ook geweldig weer lieve Marij, ik hoop dat je er de hele week nog van kunt genieten. Ik wens je een hele fijne avond! Marc

  7. Christopher says:

    Hahahahahahahaha!!!! I love that poem!! Very funny! But so true I guess, in a way we tend to judge others and forget our own mistakes and bad choices in life don’t we?How are you Marij? Thanks for all your comments while I was away from the blog world. I have been busy getting suits prepared for my best friends weddings. Two of them are getting married this month. I hope you are keeping well Sweeti! Please make sure you have a brilliant day!~Your pal,Chris

  8. A Utah Woman Am I says:

    Hey Girl!Love the poem. Definitely brought a smile to this girls face today. As I say, be first to point the finger at yourself, and then at others. Who are we to judge in all honesty? But we all tend to compare ourselves to others, don’t we?I hope you have been keeping well and are remembering to smile! 🙂 I enjoy the quote on the bottom too. And I don’t know if I can put into words why I do.Please take care of yourself and I apologize for my absence, classes keep me bogged down a little more than I would like. Have fun!-Kelsey

  9. Shawn SKC says:

    Hello there, that is very nice of to send me the lyric, well thank you very much for explaining me the meaning of the song.. Thanks a lot.. From now on I’m going to officially announce that you’re a very good friend of mine on the net.. hahahaha.. Thanks for the The Last Of The Mohicans comment (P/S: We can say some stuff which is sensitive but not so loud) by the way that is history.. We learn mistakes from history and try not to do the same mistake, that what i meant on the The Last Of The Mohicans story.. I hope you will have a very nice day plus a big kiss from me mmmuuuaaakkkhhhsss… Have a nice day..

  10. Marc says:

    Goedenmorgen….. Je hebt de strekking van mijn verhaal goed begrepen 😉 Als dat de toekomst word? :-((( Hahaha Voor de 1 een opluchting… voor de ander erg saai !!! Fijne dag kanjer. Marc

  11. Angel in Disguize says:

    i love the poem.. very niceee…..

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