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Life 2

      Life is not fair, but life is not fair for everyone. That makes life fair.

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Sins of life

  Seven sins of life:Politics without principle.Commerce without morality.Wealth without work.Education without character.Science without humanity.Pleasure without conscience.Worship without sacrifice.(Mahatma Gandhi)   Smile…. it makes others wonder what you’re thinking.

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Sometimes in some ordinary newspaper two eyes are looking at you The eyes of a child They dont blame you…..they dont ask These eyes are touching u.   Who are you? And this is me…. Can U be there for … Continue reading

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2 day   5 hours without electricity.Want to add  some lil thing…..   Its snowing outside.. And our heath is working on electricity…so…. But we have an open fire place    …..  fire on…. its a bit warmer in the house. Even could not … Continue reading

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First snow

Just look out of the window…wow   First snow is falling down   Its making a white carpet. Winter is here.  Its beautiful to see …..but so cold…U know I like sunshine…..   I have to take pics 2 mo morning. to … Continue reading

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Its not easy

It is not always easy to….apologizebegin overtake advisebe unselfishkeep tryingbe consideratethink and then actprofit by mistakesforgive and forget…. but it usually pays. (Richard Hamilton)      Live each day as if it were your last,  but learn from each day … Continue reading

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Ur special

    Coz ur someone special I send my love today For u are very wonderful in each and every way      

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Out of love

When U cant remember any stupid thing u did out of love. U did not really loved.   All day im listening to Brain Adams and I like the songs of him more and more . So the text of when … Continue reading

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Freedom and love

If crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters do……………..  fight?   This is also One to think abt   What do butterflies feel when they’re in love?   When U have answers let me … Continue reading

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Lil Baby

Got a pic of  lil babygirl KIM  Its my colleague Esther and husband  Peter ‘s newborn On this pic she is 5 weeks She is cute dont u think.   A lil hint voor Peter  (Daddy) Children go through four life stages … Continue reading

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