Back again


Hey there

Im back again from Sri Lanka.
My mission like I told U all about   Well we succeeded. Im gonna tell about it 2 mo.Coz now im having much job with those suitcases.
We succeeded to help a school for poor kids in Belihuloya. Giving them bags with pens paper books and everything
Wanna say special thx to my friends Duminda, Eranga, Djihan  who did all the work getting those 80 bags bought and filled with school stuff.and Sanjiva who arranged off.things.
Im gonna put pics of this succeeded mission. Thx again guys. Really did great job for me.
And all my friends  gonna visit ur blogs  But plz give me some time Have so much catching up to do.
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6 Responses to Back again

  1. duminda says:

    Welcome home Sweeti…..

  2. sweeti's says:

    Thx DSpecial Thx to u…:)

  3. Ahmad says:

    Welcome back , yeah sure you need some rest Your mission tell us all about your kindness :)I have some friends from Sri Lanka here in Qatar , people there facing many problems specially after deadly tsunami.Takecare

  4. ismael says:

    Hey had a nice time?From your small yet intellegent (not bragging..) friend: Ismael (or spytak)

  5. MKOC says:

    welcome back Sweeti. Your mission is honourable , congratulations. Have a good day…

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