Friends for life

Amazing conclusion
Ken ( his on my guest bloggers list  So plz read his entry  Really power.
Im reacting on ur entry Ken. coz …..have same expercience….Love it btw
U said U prolly never meet in real life.  Well friends  I have already , met my friends in Colombo Sri Lanka.
Good expercience. Had a realy good awesome time…Never gonna forget…:)
Abt making friends so easy in space land…
I must agree with him…when U read his entry  U think abt it.
My meaning abt this
U talk abt same subjects..
U think abt life, love and other issues 
u can chare things ……..
When someone has personal probs. Friends react kindly and supporting  Thats what we need Dont we???!!!
When U read someones blog  U can make a kind of pic of the person….I do…..
I have seen some blogs that I think  why do u put kind of things like that on public..
So hard, evil ,bad,,U know….
Than i quickly put on the right cross   Away….from the bad things
Thx Ken for ur beautiful strong entry. Hope U dont mind  that I used U  🙂
 Dont waste tears for things that could have been.
Ive got some good advice for the workaholics under my friends
Take time to relax especially
 when you don’t have time
 for it. (Sydney J Harris)
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11 Responses to Friends for life

  1. Unknown says:

    Very nice site! Keep up the good work. :-)Andy

  2. Ken says:

    Thanks for your wonderful reaction !Guess you become a good friend…Hugs,Ken

  3. gopal says:

    Hi Sweeti,The music is from the french film ‘Amelie’ composed by Yann Tiersenn. It’s amazing! Iplay itall the time as I work and no one complains!

  4. Jaime Campbell says:

    Hi Sweeti Marij,It is so easy to become very good friends online. It’s a depth that I cherish. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I am so happy that it’s Friday!Love to you, my friend,Jaime.

  5. Shawn SKC says:

    Hello there, do you know i got some thing to tell you… " I Love You Very Much", wow sounds interesting right.. Yeah I do tell the truth… I love you as much as i can as a friend and within this communication border which i call Internet, I do find a good friend like you, who can understand, share a piece of mind and clearly with funny mode of reply. I just want to tell you thanks again and I love you my dear friend. Your reply on love was clearly state of mind that understandable. Any the only friend who will always post a comment whenever i post a blog, is you.. Hey big hugs from me.. Good Day..Love,ShawnP/S: I hope your husband don’t mind…hehehehe

  6. Tida says:

    🙂’s true sweeti..It is easier to have friends on cyberspace..People are more open and willing to share parts of their thoughts and lives…whilst in real space it’s not that easy to start talking to someone we don’t know before…By the way, have a nice weekend..:) take care

  7. Michiko's says:

    Nice to ‘ve many friends and keep old friend for when you need to talk….D= Have a nice weekend.Michiko

  8. duminda says:

    Let’s Talk About Love [ENHANCED CD] by Dion, Probably one of her most romantic CD’s. Song include: The Reason i download it and play itz really nice song i love it. the woman is blessed with an amazing voice

  9. sweeti's says:

    yeah D Its lets talk abt love CD.Really from the heart .. dont U think Love it.:)sweeti

  10. Kiran says:

    hi sweeti!!! i just browsed through ken’s site, its wonderful. thanks for sharing it with everybody!! take care!

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