Freedom and love

If crime fighters fight crime and
fire fighters fight fire,
what do freedom fighters do……………..
This is also One to think abt
What do butterflies feel when they’re in love?
When U have answers let me know!!!!
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9 Responses to Freedom and love

  1. SAURABH says:

    hey friend…nice word…i dont think if they do fight anymore … i think they all r retired now..and they enjoy watchin baseball with a glass of beer on the other hand…i m cookin noodles now… wanna have some … ??thanks ..saurabh…(i knew u came on my blog today … )

  2. SAURABH says:

    and i am also watchin will n grace…. well grace is gettin marroed to some else today… oh…saurabh

  3. SAURABH says:

    hey freind…so u really like noodles…??…. me too… well thats the easiest thing i can cook at home…. lol…i wud luv to send u some noodles… add me on IM … and i promise i’ll send u some noodles… mmmm they taste so gud…. i am sure u’ll love it too…so howz ur day goin…saurabh….

  4. Kiran says:

    hi sweeti! i would complete the first one this way … freedom fighters fight injustice, inequality and poverty. But I would add that this needs to be done without harming people and without sheding blood. I know its difficult, but only then whatever achieved can be called as real freedom….When butterflies are in love they feel ecstasy and radiate more colors to make others feel happy and smile 🙂

  5. Nicola says:

    Hey Marij,How are doing over there? So good to have you back and it is good to be back as well. I hope your trip was very productive and fun at the same time. I must check your space to see what I have been missing for the past month or there about.Hope you are having a wonderful day over there and please be safe. Also thanks for always coming by.Nics.

  6. Dreamer says:

    good questions…night time n i m retiring to bed after reading ur cute blog with a smile on my face thinking what would butterlies feel when they r in love.smilesDreamer:)

  7. Marc says:

    Ik moet je het antwoord helaas schuldig blijven, geen idee wat zo’n beessie voeld. Btw ben ik de enige hier die in het nederlands antwoord hahahaha. Marc

  8. meltem says:

    Hi dear….I know for sure what the butterflies feel when they are in love:))) You can guessss…. Hugssssssss

  9. Tida says:

    🙂 they feel butterflies at thier stomatch..\(^.^)/be happy & have a nice day :)take care

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