First snow

Just look out of the window…wow   First snow is falling down   Its making a white carpet.
Winter is here.  Its beautiful to see …..but so cold…U know I like sunshine…..
I have to take pics 2 mo morning. to show my friends in Sri Lanka…and India. Havent seen snow in their whole life.
Hope 2 mo morning the carpet is still there.
Im gonna put pic here  2 mo … waitplzzz
Good morning    🙂 First thing I did was taking these pics  Hope U like them.
1 My garden    2 aside our house    3 next to our house  4 front garden
5 snowy car     6 aside our house    7 snowy garden         8 snowy garden
9 same             10 contrast hot/cold 11food for birds      12 I just was falling off
13 snowball fight    14 Chica   afraid    15 Chica dont wanna ake her feet wet
16 Carefully   rushing into the house   At the moment she is sleeping On a warm blanket
Click to enlarge
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6 Responses to First snow

  1. meltem says:

    sweetiiyou are lucky that you have the chance to watch the magical white carpet… I miss to do that:(( Here in Antalya we never see snow, just at the top of the far mountains:)))) but i guess you will like my city … always sunny!have a nice week- end Meltem

  2. SAURABH says:

    hey …how r u …thanks for tell me abt the pictures… i wish if i cud have aturtle too…would love to have a turtle as a pet someday….so .. carpet..huh ?? … snow … ??? wow… not bad…i m lookin forward to every picture…. ….saurabh

  3. Vidya says:

    i’ve seen snow once in all my life and what a disaster that was. I got so excited that i slipped, had the handy cam in my hand and the entire fall was recorded, even today my parents and brother laugh about that incident :(Cheers 🙂

  4. Kiran says:

    sweeti!! enjoy it while it falls and spreads like a white silk cloth across the country! hope u have a great time this winter!! 🙂

  5. paulina says:

    hai girly hi hi yes i see here it is only raining and no snowing looks very nice !!my daughter wants to have snow here but here in friesland it is’n’t. snowing. i wanna thank you for your lovely wish and greetings when i was ill .. its now better with me and iam back again on space!!! beatiful pictures you make of the snow there in belgium!!!see ya and have a great weekend with love paulina .. begin ook al in het engels het heeft wel wat maar nog bedankt meid tijdens mijn ziek zijn voor je lieve reacties …kisss and hugszzpaulina..

  6. Michiko's says:

    I’m sorry to said it’s beautiful snow… I knew you told me you don’t like cold, well another6 month time I ‘ll have cold weather, we need except a natural… enjoy a beautiful snowwhich is we never have in here(Australia).on the Christmas season.Your a pictures are very nice.Smiles! Michiko

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