2 day   5 hours without electricity.Want to add  some lil thing…..   Its snowing outside.. And our heath is working on electricity…so….
But we have an open fire place    …..  fire on…. its a bit warmer in the house.
Even could not take a shower…Cold water… I hear U say….She is tough  she can handle cold water..But nOOOO….When its snowing outside its a bit to much of it. .
I was thinking we are so dependent of those things like electricity and water. And when we havent we are such a
lost persons.We dont realize every day how simple it is  we turn on the light  I did so many time 2 day in those 5 hours. Normally U dont think  Heeee I have light  Noo. Its normal for us to have everything .
So could not use my comp.  ..for a while
Now I have to make dinner so..bye bye  Hope Ur house is cosy ….
Discussed what to to this evening when theirs no electricity.  Well going to bed early I think. But we have a water bed..so the water would be ice cold….  also electricity  ???!!!.welll we should sleep on the couch..LOL
Have a nice weekend friends and hope the electricity willstay on…. Pray to God
Our living room
Chica after visit outside in the snow
Fire place
Click to enlarge
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5 Responses to Electricity

  1. Ken says:

    Hey MarijIk heb de link naar mijn group effe aangepast. Als je op mijn space naar de link "Ken’s Community" gaat, kom je er automatisch.Hope to see you there!Nog een zalig (wit) weekend. (en hopelijk kan je je wat verwarmen he)Ken

  2. Dipz says:

    oh ! it is already snowing there ?Oh yes… we humans are so dependent on elecricity that its hard to survive without it… like many other things. which we start taking for granted… relationships, people, ourselves, nature, water etc etc.. !!the fireplace looks cosy though ….

  3. Jaime Campbell says:

    The pictures are beautiful, although I think Chika would be quite happy without the white stuff, huh?! :)I’m sorry that you are without electricity. That is always so terrible. I forget, too, how dependent I am on it. Take care and stay warm!Love,Jaime.

  4. Kiran says:

    hi sweeti! i used to think only 3rd world countries had electricity problems. hmm.. yes we are so much dependant on that thing. it can drain our entire enthusiasm when not there. but u seem to have a nice fire place and a beautiful cozy home that should still keep u excited as always!! take care, keep warm! 🙂

  5. Unknown says:

    Ja Marij We zijn verwend en er aan gewend, totdat het misgaat! dan kan het nogal eens tegenvallen, maar zag dat je een open haard hebt en die kan het lekker warm makenen oke koud water is geen pretje maar er is water, hier in hartje Friesland is geen sneeuwvlok blijven liggen, wat zoonlief prachtig had gevonden, die keek vanmorgen uit het raam van mam er ligt niks.Wens je een fijne en warme zondag toeLiefs en big hug Marianne

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