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Out of love

When U cant remember any stupid thing u did out of love. U did not really loved.   All day im listening to Brain Adams and I like the songs of him more and more . So the text of when … Continue reading

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Freedom and love

If crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters do……………..  fight?   This is also One to think abt   What do butterflies feel when they’re in love?   When U have answers let me … Continue reading

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Lil Baby

Got a pic of  lil babygirl KIM  Its my colleague Esther and husband  Peter ‘s newborn On this pic she is 5 weeks She is cute dont u think.   A lil hint voor Peter  (Daddy) Children go through four life stages … Continue reading

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My fav song of all times

This song is my fav of all times.  U know sometimes I like a song very much  and after a while i get tired with it. But with  this one ….its different. I like it still  all these years. Its  I wanna … Continue reading

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Friends for life

Amazing conclusion   Ken ( his on my guest bloggers list  So plz read his entry  Really power. Im reacting on ur entry Ken. coz …..have same expercience….Love it btw U said U prolly never meet in real life.  Well … Continue reading

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The Reason

This evening when we had dinner   we had a CD on of Celine Dion. Never listened so intens to the words of the song THE REASON…. I find it wonderful so here we go   The Reason I figured it … Continue reading

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Looking @ ur face

Every moment I imagine how it would be to hold u in my arms so gently and watch u go to sleep as I tenderly kiss ur forehead so passionately   Looking @ ur face is hypnotising me it takes … Continue reading

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