Two people can look at the exact same thing

 and see something totally different.



I laugh just like you, I cry and feel pain.
When you touch my skin, we feel just the same.
But you were born black and I was born white,
Our prejudice formed because of our sight.
But if you were blind and I couldn’t see,
Just think of how nice our friendship could be!
(Poem by Forrest Campbell)

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10 Responses to Black/White

  1. Lovers hornet says:

    oh true very true, but its also a sad fact tht racial discrimination does take place every where, infact one of my idols is Martin Luther King, see this documentory : EYES ON THE PRIZE, ull love it too. cheers, have a rocking day too

  2. Lovers hornet says:

    oh its equal in the world too, not limited to U, jus tht some ppl think theyre "more equal" than others, wateva tht means, I mean hullo, uve heard of skinheads in UK right : it aint right, if u aint white, etc…… wats with it, neway ure up pretty late sleep lolzzzz, sweet dreamz 2 u

  3. Lovers hornet says:

    uhm yeah, if only all ppl thot like tht it wld be a utopian society, but wen things are not perfect do u realise sum stuff….. to quote a close frnd here: until u taste the sour ull never know what sweet is check her out : u seem to respond almost immediately lolzzz, take care,

  4. L says:

    Dag Marij,Je vraag antwoord ik bevestigend. Ik heb het log al naar je mail-adres gestuurd.Mocht dat niet lukken dan kopieer je maar gewoon bij mij.No problemo.Hugs and knuffBrassie

  5. SAURABH says:

    hi sweeti…. how r u …. well these lines were so great…. i completly agree what u ‘ve written up here…. its just abt the way we look at the things… i guess thats why we all r humans….saurabh

  6. Chiyuki says:

    Hello hello,Thank you very much for your comment on my space.I haven’t written out my answer to the question but I will do it on my next dayoff, which will be this weekend (? hopefully).You have a nice spae here! And this entry posted is very nice. Although I am neither white or black, I will have to agree with your opinion. I hope a lot of people can think this way. I might come and visit here sometimes if you don’t mind :)Well I am off to work now!You have a lovely day.: Chiyuki

  7. Golfing Lady says:

    Hi Sweeti,How true this is. God only sees us as a person not a person of race. We would all be better off if we could follow His grace and love.Thanks for visiting my site. Yes, I love my Grandson. (smile)Pat

  8. Angel in Disguize says:

    very true… ppl dnt understand th fact seein is not everythin… color n skin is only covers outside not who u ar… ppl dnt understand u need to learn how to look beyond th skin, rather just lookinto not look out… tc

  9. David says:

    to experience a thing makes it true, the same thing believed is a lie… –!

  10. Marc says:

    Hoi hoi uiteraard kun je de link overnemen toen ik hem plaatste was het nog een poes 😦 Marc

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