Strong poem

This is a poem of my friend Brassie. Its own work   …GREAT     All the credit is for him…When U wanna read more of these beautiful poems   check his site His on my guest bloggers.    JUST DO IT.U gonna like it.

Sorry for the layout…My spacy  is a bitti smalli


In the window of my soul
The darknes is driven away
In the window of my soul
Harmony is finding his way

In a chamber of my hart
Lots off wonderfull thoughts
Not fulfilled with smart
But just like walking on the clouds

Within the sparkle of my eyes
You can see the sincerity
Not the look of lies
Just a feeling of entirety.

In the window of my soul
The darknes is driven away
In the window of my soul
Thats where I wanna stay


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8 Responses to Strong poem

  1. Shawn SKC says:

    Hello there, sorry for the rush just now.. Well i fixed everything up right.. The poem is so nice but the meaning is more important. Well not commenting but i love to read poems… In this poem he sounds like been thru bad days and just recovering from some big problem such as broken love.. " Within the sparkle of my eyes, You can see the sincerity,Not the look of lies, Just a feeling of entirety." Well I’m not the expert but i can figure out the feeling of the poem.. Well if yes i would like to tell him, that is a very nice poem and he really dump in his feeling on it.. Hey I’m sorry if i commented something wrong.. Well Marij, i have a bad news.. Next week before i go to Finland i’m going to put my dog "Princess Thumbelline or known as Smelly" to sleep.. Well it’s time for me to go for dineer bye for now.. See you tomorrow..

  2. Jaime Campbell says:

    That’s really beautiful. Seems like a very "real" person. I like that.Love to you, Sweeti. Jaime.

  3. L says:

    The answer on youre remark my friendYoure just a liitle right In words you can give youre feelingIt says something of youre meaningHow people read it I can`t decide….En speciaal voor jou MarijEen beetje gelijk heb je wel!!!!!!! Ik mal wel even hoe de layout kan worden aangepast aan je log,,,,

  4. Marc says:

    Dat vind ik wel heel erg leuk om het werk van "Brassie" hier aan te treffen !!! Mooie woorden Sweeti en Brassboy………. je verdiend het !!! Greetzzzz

  5. Tida says:

    (^^) nice poem..I’d love it..Thank for sharing, Sweeti..wish you a good day,Take carePS. I’ve got good news to tell u, I passed all subjects \(^x^)/

  6. Shawn SKC says:

    Good day. Today i have a very intersting topic, so please visit my space and check it out. Note: Good Day, this articles/ jokes/ story i copied from a Thai Magazine (LLC Girls-May 05), this topic sounds intersting and these topic have some sensitive(s) issues so just bear with it cause the articles/ story/ jokes is only for information and education purpose. Have a nice day.sHaWn

  7. MKOC says:

    nice poem Sweeti. i love it so much .you always find beatiful ones. Love to you

  8. Unknown says:

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