Night out in Antwerp

In short time we are leaving to Antwerp…He maybe i will see Ken   from space..???
He is a music lover to… so maybe    >>>would be awesome….
We going to hang around some shops and bars   to relax….and have some drinks .. and later on we will  have nice dinner in an italian restaurant,
After that we are going to see some international groups.Its from the seventies..
Its called  THE GOLDEN OLDIES…..Its in  HET SPORTPALEIS  (Thats Dutch)   I dont know exactly,but i think around 12.000 ppl  will be enjoying this evening..I try to take  pics … dont know if I can take nice once but i try.
So it will be late   Good night and happy weekend for U all my friends.
2 mo probably  more of this event.
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7 Responses to Night out in Antwerp

  1. Raje says:

    enjoy…….n have a nice time……rajeswari

  2. Ken says:

    Hey Marij,Dat moet nu toch wel lukken hé: ‘t gebeurt niet zo gauw da’k eens weg ga, maar deze avond ben ik een cinemake gaan doen in de Metropolis (Flight Plan… goeie film trouwens). Dus in die zin was ik niet zo ver weg van ‘t Sportpaleis verwijderd…Allé, ‘k ben is benieuwd naar de foto’s. Ik hoop dat ge nen toffe avond moogt beleven!Groetjes,Ken

  3. G.S. says:

    Just to say hello…You got nice space here… keep it up!Keep Blogging…Enjoy ur weekend!Keep smiling 🙂

  4. Aman says:

    hey marijgood music, good food and good company …there is nothing finer in all the worldthanx for ur comments , and hve funbig hugax

  5. Golfing Lady says:

    Just stopping by to say hello. Have a great weekend. Hugs,Pat

  6. Tida says:

    Have a wonderful time ^^ and take care

  7. Chris says:

    Really nice site…….. Like you, I love music, I find it says the things that we all feel, the right song at the right time can induce the most powerful emotion! Enjoyed my visit, will return, Be happy…….. one day we should discuss fav’ songs!!Chris and Robyn

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