Second project

Sri Lanka Belihuloya
Through my blog I wanna say thx to my close friends in Colombo who are doing a hell of a job for me,
going to shops to get all the stuff, and store the things in their house….even moving the furniture  
Im gonna name them in alphebetical order..Coz I wanna stay friends with all 3 of them
Duminda, Eranga  and Jihan…..Love u guys.
Its our goal to get the schoolbags and shoes around half januari  to those poor kids.Guys gonna to that
Wish I could be there ……its so good to see those kids eyes.They dont have to say Thx   …Those eyes
say enough  
In the month of december theres no school.
I hope that I can be present with the next project  (3)
thx Duminda  thx Eranga  thx Jihan 
I know  u guys
like butterflies  …………….. Heheheh  that  rhymes   Just lucky   hehe
This is a small part of Brian Adams  Christmas song  ..I love the words
To see the joy in the children’s eyes
the way that the old folks smile
says that Christmas will never go away

We’re all as one tonight
makes no difference if you’re black or white
’cause we can sing together in harmony

These words are so strong   But like the song hope this is not only for Christmas day
                                                          WE HAVE TO BE ONE ……..EVERY DAY .
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11 Responses to Second project

  1. Chandan says:

    The pictures of sirlanka are beautiful………..Mind blowing……..I like it………..

  2. L says:

    I Agree,I`m already the first peson you can count to be one with oure opinion

  3. G.S. says:

    Just to say hello…Thnx for your visit and comment on my space!!Visit my space & Answer the 4 Tricky Questions..Best of luck & Merry Christmas!!Keep smiling 🙂

  4. Reem says:

    Oh my !! Its been ages since I visit here …. I missed u amd ur lovely Space,,Wooow Luv the PICs u added in this BLog so nice and touchyWishing also a very Marry Xmas and a happy new year for you and your family and alos the beloved ones …Enjoy darling and keep in touchREEM

  5. sillygloop says:

    Hi Sweeti,Good job out there! We need more people like you n Duminda, Eranga and Jihan.Just came to wish you my season’s greetings for a merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year! May this new year see your dreams come true.Do I have special Christmas computer cartoons on my space? You bet! Come n check it out.Vijay

  6. Pascal says:

    Hi Marij,I’m awfull busy before Xmas, so I don’t have the time I want to visit all my blog friends as I want to.But, it’s important fo rme to take time to wish:MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!Hope to keep in touch more next year.See youPascal

  7. Michiko's says:

    Hi Marij,It’s Christmas are coming, last time you says you don’t like winter well half way is gone..we ‘ve 36 degree today it going be too hot to do anything and up to north area is 42 degree, would you like to have?? by the way I like Brian Adams too.You’ve good friend that’s nice to hear, I ‘ve few good friends but I like to make new friend too, then keep old ones as well. Merry christmas and happy new year with love ones.Big Hugs.Michiko

  8. Laf says:

    hi..i am back. thanks for ur visit and for ur nice comments. What’s x mas programs? Merry christmas and happy new year 2006Warm regardsWahoo

  9. Laf says:

    hi..merry christmas! how r u doing? Srilanka pics. are really beautiful. well done..Have a great day!Wahoo

  10. Chandan says:

    I think you love nature a lot and also i think you are a great traveller………everyday i am watching you srilank pics…it’s great…..please attach more pics…….Great Work :)…ByeHappy Christams …………….Bye

  11. Laf says:

    thanks a lot for ur comments. you can have the ‘womb’ presentation with pleasure. Have a great day!Merry X masWarm regardsWahoo

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