What is Christmas for u???

Celebrating Christmas.

Not everybody is celebrating Christmas the same way. 

1. first u have ppl who eat drink……..and go to sleep afterwards.

2. there are ppl who celebrating the birth of our salvation, have some moments of devotion, and having a  good time with beloved ones.

Whats ur category?????


To day a child is born on earth

Today the glory of God shines everywhere
For all the world
Oh Jesus born on this day
He is our light and salvation
Oh Jesus born on this day
He is the King of all nations
Behold the lamb of God has come
Behold the Savior is born
Sing of His love to everyone
Oh Jesus born on this day
Heavenly child in a manger
Oh Jesus born on this day
He is our Lord and Savior
Today our hearts rejoice in Him
Today the light of His birth
Fills us with hope and brings peace on earth
Oh Jesus born on this day
He is our light and salvation
Oh Jesus born on this day
He is the King of all nations
Today a child is born on earth
He is light, He is love, He is grace
Born on Christmas day


Let us all remember last year dec 26 that day the world was standing still.


Lets pray for all the ppl who died than and for all the ppl whom their lives changed and never would be the same again .Parents lost their children…Children lost their parents.

So much sadness……Still remember like it was yesterday. My life changed to in a way …

The important things in life for me…are no longer material things..but I try to help where ever I can  and I hope that I can do this  till the day I die……So help me God.






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6 Responses to What is Christmas for u???

  1. SAURABH says:

    very well said…this x’mas i’ll ask only one thing form santa and if he can give that to me that i wont ask anything for the rest of my life…i m gonna ask abt the love n frenship for mankind… coz peace is the only thing that unite us all… dont know when we all will understand this…this life is so short to love people…and we kill them… sad..i hope this sweet year was ok for you and the comin next one will be the best one ever… i pray that the next year will bring peace love and joy for u…saurabh…love from india ….

  2. sillygloop says:

    Hi Sweeti,My xmas is category 1 I guess…a schoolmate came down and we swapped a lot of ole time funny stories and also enjoyed taking in the christmassy spirit roaming around the city.Be good n do good seems to be all we can do to help those affected by tragedies like the tsunami and the earthquake. May this year see nature helping out rather than hinder the unfortunate ones.Take care!Vijay

  3. priyanga says:

    hi sweetiiMerry Xmas an Happy New Year.ok im going to say bye for u for a while.2morrow morning is my day.my luckey day.lol.dnt be "J".ok lol.ok i hope u doin good and u have a fun in this season.big big hug to uuuuuuuuTC an byeeeeeeeee.pete

  4. Kiran says:

    hi sweeti!! i am cat 1 … but I do celebrate other festivals with my family. just that Christmas is not our festival, but i do enjoy it. I used to go to my friends house for Christmas spend time with his family and then my other friends used to get together somewhere have cake and wine …. that was when I was still in Mumbai! 🙂

  5. charmedlife says:

    Christmas fro me is celebrating the birt of our savior Jesus Christ and because if that we rejoice by having family get togethers or reunions. It is a bonding time for our family and relatives.~take care~Nadine

  6. Tida says:

    Every store and shop closed..nowhere to go..-_- so my friends and I had a party at home..^^it was fun anyway..Wish you a merry Christmas ;).Have a wonderful holidayTake care

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