Last evening my laptop started to smell a kind of funny .   There was some strange smell coming out of the ventilator…..My mouse began to make strange noises.Short circuit…I think.
I dont trust my baby anymore….so went to the shop with him, this morning…(computer is male for me
For some ppl the computer is female…hahaha.
I have him from december 17  2004..Just a year…Big boss from shop told me he would take notice of the fact that I have him so short.  Love the man… Hope I will have my laptop back soon……I miss him already.
In breaks @ work i do some space work now….
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3 Responses to Laptop

  1. Jaime Campbell says:

    Hi Sweeti!It’s a terrible thing when we’re separated from our laptops, isn’t it?! I hope yours is feeling better soon.I think the work that you’re doing for the people of Sri Lanka is wonderful. I’m sure that the feeling is amazing.I love who you are.Jaime.

  2. Shinji says:

    Sorry for your PC. Even I got a small accident with my car this week. But luckly they are machines. So, we can change parts to make them work if there is spare parts.Thanks your visiting my blog always. And Happy new year!

  3. Shawn SKC says:

    Don’t worry your notebook will be fine soon.. by the way.. I guess we will meet online sooner, i mean maybe next week after New Year.. Good Day sis and have a nice days..

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