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Why is his life ending

My sis in law send me a mail 2 day…U might say  whats special abt that..hehehe I got so may mails.Well its the contents of the mail. Its abt a young guy  Named Dennis  He lives in the neighbourhood  and suffers from … Continue reading

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What is Christmas for u???

Celebrating Christmas. Not everybody is celebrating Christmas the same way.  1. first u have ppl who eat drink……..and go to sleep afterwards. 2. there are ppl who celebrating the birth of our salvation, have some moments of devotion, and having … Continue reading

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Christmas Wish

    A Merry Christmas   To all my space friends   Have a wonderfull joyfull time   Happy Greetz from Belgium   I never felt better before in my whole life.. Thx to all my close friends   I wanna … Continue reading

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How life starts

heheeh   Im such u stupid woman Y know what I did 2 day ….Almost dont dar to tell u  guys……   I was adding something on my site    Beautiful item   The way a baby grows in the womb  .Really so extreme … Continue reading

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Second project

  Sri Lanka Belihuloya   Through my blog I wanna say thx to my close friends in Colombo who are doing a hell of a job for me, going to shops to get all the stuff, and store the things in their … Continue reading

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  Somewhere there’s someone who dreams of your smile,and finds in your presence that life is worth while.So when you are lonely, remember it’s trueSomebody somewhere is thinking of you.– K. Blackburn –     When I stand before God … Continue reading

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All because

I climbed up the doorOpened the stairsI said my pajamasAnd put on my prayersI switched off the bedAnd climbed in the lightAll because u kissed me goodnight.   Lord give me an answer, or give me the patience to wait for … Continue reading

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