Lost without ur love

Yesterday evening I heard this song again.
Its original from Wibby Lee  1965
BREAD released  it again ..Great lyrics
Lost and all alone
I always thought that I could make it on my own
Since you left I hardly make it through the day
My tears get in the way
And I need you back to stay

I wander through the night
And search the world to find
the words to make it right
All I want is just the way it used to be
With you here close to me
I’ve got to make you see

That I’m lost without your love
Life without you isn’t worth the trouble of
I’m as helpless as a ship without a wheel
A touch without a feel
I can’t believe it’s real…

And someday soon I’ll wake
And find my heart won’t have to break

Yes I’m lost without your love
Life without you isn’t worth the trouble of
All I want is just the way it used to be
I need you here with me
Oh darlin’ can’t you see…
If we had love before
We can have it back once more

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7 Responses to Lost without ur love

  1. Frans says:

    Bread….. mijn tijd, behoorde tot mijn favorieten. Ook tot de jouwe ? Heerlijke muziek en goeie texten. Franske 😉

  2. Golfing Lady says:

    Hi Sweeti,The words to the song was great. Isn’t music just a blessings? I love all kinds.I pray you have a wonderful weekend. I must learn that the past is past and I can’t change it. I have a lot of regrets and sadness when it comes to family. Can’t change them and only can change myself so am trying to do that. I don’t have much self confidence and that gets me down a lot too. Thanks for listening to me.You probably understand the stress of working in a Nursing Home more than others. I am not able to keep up with all the billing and changes so it is very hard on me. My Administrator is no support at all either so that is a challenge. I love some of the people I work with though and that helps. love and hugs,Pat

  3. SAURABH says:

    awwwwwwwwww………..could it be more sweet ????? i dnt think so…u know wat u need…….??? sweet hug…saurabh

  4. Baris says:

    hi marij. Im back. sorry I couldn’t write.. I will write after this. I saw your pics..(sporty pics) they are not sporty.. yeah they are sexy lol.. see you take care

  5. Baris says:

    wow too fast.. I won’t write again this day lol…

  6. Christopher says:

    Hello?Pssssssssst! 🙂 How are you dear friend? How is Michael? What happened with the doctor’s results? I do feel so bad for him! This is what makes life so darn unsure isn’t it? Thanks for all your sweet comments. I’m glad you like the new pic! 🙂 I got the inspiration from your pics. I thought, if my friend can put such sexy sweet pics of herself, at least I can try and change that ‘all dressed up’ look! I still love your pics, they’re fantastic! You look awesome in shorts!Have a great day Marij! The song is really a sad song isn’t it? :)Your pal, Chris.

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