A few days ago friends ask me to vote for them …  to be the best  blabla  and the best blablabla
Well I voted for them coz they are close friends, and I love them . But lemme tell u what  think abt these competitions.
It took me back to my school years.
gymnastic class and being popular or not….and belonging to some group   I hated that…But this is  reality….
It was like im gonna tell u…
I liked to do gymnastics  and I was ….as I may say so…  always very good in it…..without being a braggart.
When we had to make 2 groups The teacher  choose 2 persons. They could choose whom they wanted in their group.
The students who had to choose  were teachers best friends….  always…..yekkiiiiiii
U can already feel where Im going toooo…..huh
Students who were not that good  and not popular in the group …….stayed to be chosen till the end.   Its was over and over again
Every week.  They must have felt very sad.
Why do teachers that   ……Those students  selfsystem  was broken for the rest of the school time. and maybe for the rest of their lives.
So Friends this came all back  to me…when i read those competition games…Lets stop this  .
Something funny happend this morning @ breakfast.U know my hubby aways drinks some yoghurt drink.
He was drinking and i touched him a bit hard….Yoghurt all over his face,,,hair …..clothes   kicthen..floor
and   ……
Clothes off……into the washing machine…..Shower……..again……..I had to clean   big job…
This was my SUNDAY Morning…
Hope urs started better
He Saurabh    Is this better…….My own stories     I know U like them..U get what U ask hehehe
 Love is the only power that can change an enemy into a friend
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18 Responses to Voting

  1. xEmzsx3 says:

    gr8 space! lol

  2. SAURABH says:

    yea… thats just so good…its good to read abt ur own beautiful soties..that is exactly what i was talkin about…see u have composed something which is so beautiful… coz the kinda morale..the kinda feeling..the kinda emotin one can have in his own life…is just so original and good that no fake or artificial words can compare it….ur just so original and beautiful… i like u that way…so keep smilin… and b happy ..saurabh

  3. David says:

    "touched him a bit hard…"knocked him over? did you mean?i know exactly how you feel about the competition thing… it is a good thing for some, and something not so important for others. it is nice to be is also nice to have somebody around to knock over your yogurt – yes?smile!!!

  4. A Utah Woman Am I says:

    What a fun story Marij!I can vividly recall the same thing in my school setting as well. Our lives, sadly enough, center around competition. Who is going to be the best? That is the question on many peoples mind. And although there are some positive aspects about it, for the most part, if you do poorly at something, it hurts your self esteem. And I don’t know if we can ever fix that. In life, we can’t be great at everything. I think that is the lesson to be learned.And what a way to start off Sunday morning! Hope Monday is slightly better!Take Care!Kelsey

  5. Laf says:

    yeah..that’s my kid.. He’s just like his dad (i mean, handsome) 😉

  6. Lovingsoul says:

    Hi there,Aww I love your space very nice energy in here.Thanks for the link will visit often.Much Love to you.((hugs))Yari

  7. SNOW says:

    _______________•________•________________;,,,´_____________`______´______________,,,;’Y888888bo.._______:_____:______.od888888Y’__8888888888b.._____:___:____.d8888888888__88888Y’__`Y8b.____`__´___.d8Y’__`Y88888_j88888__.db.___Yb.___’__’___.dY__.db.__88888k___`888__Y88Y___”`b__(?)_d´’___Y88Y__888´____888b___” "_______..,’,.._______"”__d888__.j888888bd8gf."’___…..’:’…___’".g8bd888888k_____.’Y’____.8’______d’__’b______’8.___’Y’______.!____.8’_.db__d’_;_;_`b__db__’8.__!_________d88__`’___8_;_;__8__`’__88b________d888b____.g8._’ , ‘__8g.___d888b_______::888888888Y’______’Y888888888:_______’!_8888888_’________`8888888_!’_________’8Y__`"Y___________Y"´__Y8’_________’Y______________________Y’__________!______________________GREAT CLASSY SPACE ^_^AND I AGREE WIYH THE LAST QOUTE.. ABOUT LOVE CHANGING ENEMIES INTO FRIENDS^_^BYEE..

  8. meltem says:

    Hi dear…hope monday was better than the sunday morning:)hugs

  9. Christopher says:

    Pssssssssssssssssssssst!!!Heya Sweeti! I’m sorry that I was gone for a few days. I was a bit busy watching cricket matches at home. How are you? I hope you are doing well. It was funny, reading abt your Sunday morning. Oh so you did gymnastics huh? No wonder, it shows in your photos, you do look very athletic! ;)I agree, when teachers favour students unfairly, it just breeds resentment! I totally know what you mean. This happens everywhere, even at my university. Where there are people, there will always be such things happening. That’s life I guess.Take care my friend and have a great day!!~Chris

  10. Jacqui's says:

    Heh, heh.. but yogurt is so good for the skin! Have a great week sweeti pie!Jacqui

  11. Jitender says:


  12. Jitender says:

    Sure thing Sweeti. Feel welcome to add me to your list of blogs.

  13. Lovingsoul says:

    Hi MajiI don’t want to feed the energy of saying that I am sorry about Michael, instead I am visualizing him healthy and happy going through life surrounded by Love. He is in my prayers.I am really amazed of what you have done with those kids. You have a great heart and you must feel so blessed for having the opportunity to do such an amazing thing.I admire you for that.Many Blessings to you.Yari

  14. meltem says:

    Hi dear… thanks for the visit! I’m so so busy with the exams about the job, the language courses and so on … that’s why i have unfortunately to update my space:((( and for the same reason i can’t visit yours:( just one more week left then i’ll have more time:) you and Michael always in my thoughts! hope you have good news dear!!lots of hugs from antalya just for you:) Meltemp.s. :your sporty pics are wonderful!

  15. Unknown says:

    Thanks MarijHeb inmiddels wat kiekjes erop gezet, vind het doodeng maar ben toch aan de kast begonnen alleen valt de kleur me ietwat te wit uit we zullen zien, hoop maar dat brassie het leuk vind ik schrok zelf van de verandering hihi..Fijne avond Liefs Marianne

  16. Angel in Disguize says:

    awwww akki(sister) thnx for commenting… yehh i do miss Sri lanka a lot.. but u knw u cant just run in there whnever u want to.. its not tht easy… i hav some other stuff goin on im tryin to figure out.. but thnxxxxx soo much…. i will feel better soon. big huggg..ruwiiiii tccc

  17. Jaime Campbell says:

    I agree, my friend. Hugs,Jaime.

  18. Shawn SKC says:

    hahahaahaha.. u got me there sis.. You must not see the words says.. Vote For Me For The Best Valentine Theme (IF YOU THINK THAT MY SPACE IS WORTH TO WIN)… hahaha no worries I’m not mad… It’s your opinnion i would like to respect it.. By the way.. I have a major jammed brain 3 days ago.. I feel like everything is moving so slow and i can’t think positive.. I sat down under a pine tree and start wondering what am i living for all the while.. Ok, then i start to realised that every single minute is so valueble and i have wasted it all my life.. So now, i would not like waste any single minute by not saying I love you cause i don’t know when is the next time my brain going to get jammed again or maybe it stop forever…. Good day to you sis.. Have a nice day and I love you .. take care..

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