Funny times and serious Times

Funny times
This morning 
Next story of funny things thats happening to me
Im an early riser    …….so before I go to work  I do some works in the house.
This morning it was kitchen cleaning time.
I have to stand on a chair to reach some higher closets  …..kratccccccc   My feet went through the seat  …
and a big hole was looking at me……dzjeee     
Next thing to buy    New kitchen chairs…He life is not boring  with me    Excitement   whole day through….LOL
Iv got no injury   …If U guys would even wonder???
LIL detail   When my hubby is having his drink yougurti n the morning  I have to stay away from him least for 1 meter..LOL
To stay  clean  of course…..U never know  Sometimes things wil happening  twice….
Now serious things abt Michael
I callled  him yesterday   Latest news.
Had his girl friend Iza on the phone. Michael was resting.
He had to undergo the scan and a spinal marrow punction (Painfull test)  Than afterwards he had  to lay down for 24 hours . so now we have to wait till next week Tuesday……
Last week he had a lot of pain in his belly…I feel so sorry for him….
So  Michael, Iza and me  wanna say thx to all of u, for all ur support.It feels so good to have U all.THX
I just added a pic of my chair    So U can imagine what happend
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9 Responses to Funny times and serious Times

  1. Unknown says:

    Zo Marij Ga je altijd zo gevaarlijk doen op de vroege morgen haha gelukkig alleen een kapotte stoel goed excuus om wat niuews te kopen.Wens Michael sterkte van mij, wat een vreselijke onzekere tijd voor die jongen, hoop dat de uitslag meevalt, eng hoor!!Verder ben ik alweer iets opgeknapt alleen ‘s ochtends en ‘s avonds niet al te fit, moet vanavond ook nog weg blee cursus. Denk inderdaad dat de verkoudheid, verflucht en terpetine allemaal een rol spelen, nu weer in de stank hihi, morgen ff sneupen voor andere kleur verf en de vitrage wassen en dan vrijdag weer verven..Fijne avond MarijLiefs Marianne

  2. Stav says:

    nice pictures, funny story!have a good day!

  3. SAURABH says:

    awww…. hope u r doin ok … u know sweeti..u have to b more carefull when u do some work… looks like u r gettin old…lol … on that day u spread the yogurt all over ur hubby dear… and today u broke a chair… u bettwer b carefull baby…i’ll pray for micheal too.. i am sure he’ll b ok very soon… well what does the doctor has to say..saurabh

  4. Sean says:

    As I sit here jamming to the Buena Vista Social Club =O) lol… anywho, thanks for dropping by, and special thanks for your complimentary comment (How funny does that sound??? lol) It is my work, unless otherwise specified, but you have to go pretty far through the galleries to find something that isn’t mine, and it’s titled as someone else’s. I have an incessant love for art and exploring new styles constantly. I’m glad you like it! Had a buddy over this afternoon that lived in Istanbul for about 2 years, helping a few major industries out there. He thought it was pretty cool that you’ve included some pics from Turkey. I’ve only been out of the US, and regrettably it was on a drunken, once upon a time, sort of bender after splitting up with my gf of almost 4 years at that point, and we made a trip to Tijuana, Mexico that I don’t remember in the least. Again, thanks for dropping by!! I’m out of here in 5 weeks for boot camp (joined the US Marine Corps a few months back) but will be back on after that, believe it! (actually just bought the rights to yesterday) And fully intend on using my space to keep in touch with people =O) Until next time, Ciao!!! And take care!!-Sean

  5. Tida says:

    🙂 having looked at the hole, I’m glad to know that you didn’t get hurt from the accident.. and wish all the best for you and your friend..take care and have a wonderful day

  6. Jitender says:

    Last line in English means: "Who do you think provides the pole that supports the flag?"Of course, it sounds much funnier in Punjabi or Hindi :]

  7. Stav says:

    I’d be glad if you added me sweetie!

  8. Stav says:

    I’d be glad you adding me sweetie!

  9. Jaime Campbell says:

    Big huge hugs in honor of Michael.  Prayers, too.

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