Secret Service

A friend was in front of me coming out of church one day, and the preacher was standing at the door

as he always is to shake hands.

He grabbed my friend by the hand and pulled him aside.

The pastor said, "You need to join the Army of the Lord!" My friend said, "I’m already in the Army

of the Lord, Pastor." Pastor questioned, "How come I don’t see you except at Christmas and Easter?" He whispered back, "I’m in the secret service."

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5 Responses to Secret Service

  1. Golfing Lady says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    Hope your nephew is feeling better and that he receives encouraging news. Cute joke you posted today.
    It’s the weekend so will try to clean the house with my left hand. lol the right one is still hurting much.

  2. Jaime Campbell says:

    That’s hilarious!  How are you, my friend, Sweeti?  I am grouchy tonight!  I think a weekend is in order for me!  Be well, you wonderful person.  I just love you.

  3. Christopher says:

    Hehe, funnny that!
    How are you buddy??? How is Michael keeping? I do hope he is doing good. I just wanted to drop in a ‘hello’ your way……..
    Take care pal,

  4. Jaime Campbell says:

    Hi!  Thanks for asking about the adoption.  We met with our social worker for the Home Study for the first time this week.  It went really well.  She is so warm and knowledgeable.  I’m very excited now.  They say it’ll take 6 – 18 months…and probably be around 9.  It’ll be just like I’m pregnant!  hahaha

  5. Shari says:

    That’s hilarious!

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