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Dear friends, its abt MICHAEL.  There are so many friends who ask abt Michael’s condition so thats why i write this here He agreed I putted this on my blog.He has no probs  with the idea I let U all know … Continue reading

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Fall in love

We all want to fall in love. Why? Because that experience makes us feel completely alive,where every sense is heightened,and every emotion is magnified.Our everyday reality is shatteredand we are flung into the heavens.It may only last a moment, an … Continue reading

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Four types of people

There are four types of people in this world. There are people that make things happen. There are people that watch things happen. There are people that wonder what happened. And there are people that don’t know anything happened.

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My broken dream

  Just as children bring their broken toys for us to mend,I brought my broken dreams to God because he was my friend.Instead of leaving him in peace to work alone,I stuck around and tried to help with ways that … Continue reading

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Think abt u

These lyrics ………..are my feelings …..atm   Its Mr Brian Adams   I think abt u. I oughta be workin’ – but I can’t concentrate I oughta be sleepin’ – ‘steada stayin’ up late When I oughta be doing all the things … Continue reading

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  2 Day is not one of my best.Emotional im confused. Cant understand some things that happen around me. I try to……But its not working…… Cant get it out of my mind   Hope I can do my job……Coz  its so strong….. … Continue reading

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Just like sand

  A relationship is like sand in your hand. If held loosely in the palm of your hand it stays there, but as soon as you close your hand tightly it slips through your fingers.A relationship is like that held … Continue reading

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Lost without ur love

Yesterday evening I heard this song again. Its original from Wibby Lee  1965 BREAD released  it again ..Great lyrics   Lost and all aloneI always thought that I could make it on my ownSince you left I hardly make it … Continue reading

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  Life is really a bed of roses, some people are just lucky  to have friends to help them pick the thorns off.

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Ur own life

My wish of the day     We must get the chance to live the life we want for ourselves. And not the way others want us to.  Thats  freedom…….. And go ur own way..  Decide what u want for … Continue reading

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