Last evening i saw a new serie abt adoption.
A belgian family adopted 2  Korean children , had  already 4 children of their own.
First guy who get addopted was Sung. He was eight when he left his home land..
His parents died and his older bro took care of him for a while but than Sung was brought to an orphanage.
So than the belgian family came in the picture and he grew up far away from his home land
At a certain age he wanted to find his roots  and went back.  Met his future wife ….and wanted to settle down….Belgian family were invited to the wedding   also Kyungi  The second adopted girl went with them
She wanted to find het grandmom and her biological dad….U know her grandma raised her for a while
coz her mom had TBC  He mom and dad divorced time later…The grandma coud not handle this anymore an so she went to the orphanage
Back to Sung  He and his future wife asked his biological parents permission to get married  On their grave
with prayers , food and drinks…Never seen that before. but it took me back to Michael  He asked Iza to marry him also on her moms grave with candles  ….Its so special
The second Adopted was a girl named Liliana she was seven when she was adopted  When she had her 18 birthday her parents gave her a trip back to her roots  Romania.   The girl has a sis  She was adopted by a Danish family These families went together to search for their adopted  kids…. biological mom.
U know what hit me real….The girl Liliana had to face the orphanage again…..She cried….and screamed 
Dont let me behind her  plzzzzzzzzzzzzz. and she held her adopted parents in a hug  … strong
welll  I wonder what the girl had to go through in her first 7 years….Cant imagine….
The third  was a lil Haitian boy. He was adopted by a family They had a Haitian girl already and wanted to help another one  So they went back   Just by themselves to get the lil boy.  She went to the oprhanage and those lil kids all came to her  Touched her  Never to loose her..The woman cried   Well  I did with her It was Niagara falls again with me….Those kids wanna go with her   all of them…..Awefull to see….She could just help ONE
The boy  Sorry I forgot his name)  had 2 bro in the orphanage …The woman took a pic  of him with his 2 bro.
This pic was the last thing he will see of his bro…Coz   who knows were they wil end up.
This as the first  of w whole serie of this adoption topic.
I have a good friend Jaime   I hope U read this…Its such a good job ur doing…
U know the scene with Liliana  when she cried  Dont leave me here plz….I never forget
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12 Responses to Adoption

  1. silverhwk_uk says:

    hey brilliant space. the song is cool. keep the space going… bye xx

  2. Unknown says:

    hai hai Marij
    Ik las dat ik niet de enige ben met het aankomen, moeilijk he maar ik was vroeger 57 later ben ik op 60 blijven hangen toen wel eens weer teruggezakt naar 57 maar gauw weer op 60 en wel eens op 61 maar nu schiet ik door naar bijna 63 kilo ( zie er gewoon beter uit ) dankzij dat het natuurlijk wat beter gaat, alleen werkt iedereen in de familie mij al tijden tegen ( en heb daar voor nu een punt achter gezet ) ze begonnen me teveel te bemoeien met mijn prive leven en dat loopt de spuitgaten uit. Het enige wat ik wil is rust en heb hierdoor een punt achter het contact achter mijn familie gezet ( ik kan gewoon niet meer, ik ben op) zij zijn er op tegen dat ik weer met Brassboy ga, en werken dit op alle manieren tegen waar het uiteindelijk op neer komt is dat ik er een punt achter deze relatie zet en ze stoppen niet vandaar dat ik nu een punt zet achter mijn familie ( voor eigen bestwil ).
    Succes met aankomen,denk om jezelf en neem op tijd rust lieve Marij
    Dikke knuffel van Mij

  3. Jitender says:

    Not all adoptions work out so well.
    I was adopted.
    Messed up my whole damn life.

  4. Kiran says:

    hi sweeti, actually not all adoptions work out well. but its a good thing, giving the love and warmth to children who need it most. people are really doing the right thing. take care!

  5. David says:

    i’d like to think that the majority of adopted children end up in better places than kid farms…  i wouldn’t really know, i had parents, although sometimes i wished i was adopted…  my step daughter is adopted – my myself.

  6. Jaime Campbell says:

    You were right, my friend.  I have tears.  Wow.  SOOOOOOOO sad.  I feel sooo sad for those little ones that wanted to go, too.  And for the girl who was afraid that she would be left there again.  God, it’s so sad.  God, please give these children mercy.

  7. Trish's Place says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    So sad of a story. I commend the couples who decide on adoption and I pray most of the adoptions are for the better of the child. Could you imagine living in an orphanage all your life? I remember a family of children who lived in our orphange while I was growing up. It broke my heart to think they weren’t loved or cared for. So sad!!!!!!!!!!
    I pray you are doing better this week and pray for Michael.
    Thanks for dropping by my new space. Long story.

  8. Angel in Disguize says:

    woww hmmm i found itttttt…. da link is under my name.. enjoy

  9. paulina says:

    hey lieve meis bedankt voor je compliment voor mijn gedicht .. wens je een hele fijn e woensdag dikke kus Paulina xxx see ya

  10. SAURABH says:

    gud example of an adoption…
    and i agree with jitender not all adoptions work out so well… i am glad this one did…
    but there were so many kids and characters in the story here… the best part was that they still respect the real parents and they asked for the permissions over the grave…hmm… sounds very emotional…

  11. David says:

    sweeti,  i am on a campaign to keep a friend from leaving spaces due to frustration with her blog…
    please visit!!

  12. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    My son’s fiance was adopted by when she was only one weeks old and she has broter’s as  same way.l
    One day her brother went seen a biological mother but he never goes back again.
    they both were very happy with their parents.
    I hope Michael doing well and you are feeling better…

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