I heard some guys have probs with Valentine.Why??? A BIT SHY???

Many men are bad at expressing their feelings, let alone write poetry, we have this "form poem" to help you along.

He Girls ….isnot that true ??????hhehehe

Oh, (put lover’s name here) thou art so gorgeous
Your eyes so (eye color here) are like that of a temptress
With your love you have made me complete.
My passion burns like (pet name) when she is in heat

The love you give me spreads like an infection
Which is why (name of girl who dumped you) gave me a rejection
So let me reveal a secret to you
And then you can decide what you must do



When u use this form….      Succes  garanteed  LOL

Im not responsable for eventual accidents …


Id loved to put some pics here ….But my add photos still is not working.



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4 Responses to Valentine

  1. Jaime Campbell says:

    This is great!  LOL!!!
    I hope your pain is totally gone today.  Have a wonderful weekend, my sweetie friend.

  2. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    There’s nothing wrong with having a lowday lots of times, those times are follwed by happier times.
    Have a nice weekend also Michael too.

  3. Trish's Place says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    I love my soulmate. We have our rough times and argue just like everyone else. He puts up a lot with me as I seem to be stressed so much of the time. He is a good man and I am glad you have a good one also.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Kadir says:

    I would be little cautious with this 🙂 Valentines day and broken bones – they just dont go well together 😛

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