I already told u we have a board hanging in the hall @ work…..  Its a kind off  ……welll i have to get this off my chest things…..Its sometimes  good to write things off
This was added by a colleague (M)  If U have Probs reading this ………    Read it twice……. Dont be ashamed I had to read it three times…
Beware of Obstinacy and foolhardiness.
For a strong man there is a great danger in resistance and contradiction.
It takes a superior man to allow himself to be convinced in the heat of argument by the logic of another…..
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6 Responses to Beware

  1. Jitender says:

    Reminds me of my biological father.
    And my elder brother.

  2. Jacqui's says:

    Hey girl
    Just stopping by! Your post reminds me of my KID who loves to argue. I’m trying to teach him to let things go.

  3. A Utah Woman Am I says:

    We need to learn to accept things sometimes.  Although we can all be tough in our ways.  And don’t worry Marij,
    I had to read the thing 3 times.  And I am still unsure if I still fully understand it.  Perhaps I will after I sleep on it :o)
    Sorry the pictures aren’t working for you.  You were aware that you can email MSN yes?  I am sure if you sent them an email they may be able to provide some helpful advice.  (At the bottom of the page there is a tab that says "Help")
    Wishing you a good weekend!

  4. SAURABH says:

    took me sometime to understand what it means… however it wasnt too difficult at the end…
    anyways hows ur life goin on and hey howz micheal doing ???
    sorry i wasnt regular on spaces..but now i am back…

  5. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    I just listen your beautiful music which I like very much thank you, Are you had read it three times?
    in that case I need six times to read it to understand ! some man were argumentatively after few drank
    a glass of wine,Yucky!!
    Have a nice day,Just Hi to Michael!

  6. CravingNatureGirl says:

    Hello, Sweeti~
    I am just stopping by from Michiko’s space.  You have a nice spot, and interesting music.  I understood the last line of your quote, not sure about the rest though?  Hmmm… it is a thinker!
    So nice meeting you!  Stop by my space some time for some laughs 🙂

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