Multicultural society

Different cultures…..people ….  countries…..religions…are so interesting for me..
But there is also so much hate between ppl nowadays …  U watch TV …. read papers….PPl kill each other
in the name of…….
Wish this world would be like a painting  
On the palette of the painter …..all the colours of the ppl  in this world….Black  white  brown…yellow….U name it.. …  Together….on one palette.
The painter creates a beautiful painting    ……….        
with all these different colours. …. manage to fit together  ….WHY only on the painting..

inmagine inmagine

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13 Responses to Multicultural society

  1. Jitender says:

    Because paintings are dead and their life is totally perceptive.All the other things … they are what define you as you are alive. Most people fight because they are afraid to lose them.Beware lest in your intention to avoid a struggle you do not acquire a master – Dontknowwhosaidit

  2. Unknown says:

    Hey hey Marij
    Je stoort me helemaal niet hoor.
    Het nr is van Mike Oldfield
    Titel: The song of the Sun

  3. Trish's Place says:

    Hi sweeti,
    God made us all the same. Our society has made the separation of our races. So sad that we can’t all be friends and care about each other. There are a lot of good ppl in the world though. We must look for them and cherish their friendship.
    Have a good day,

  4. Aynde says:

    I wish I had the answers…. 🙂

  5. Jacqui's says:

    I love our multicultural society, and also feel the world is more interesting and colorful for it. I love to learn about other people’s cultures.

  6. Joseph says:

    No i am not tired !!
    but i just i have bo tast for write any thing 😦

  7. Yousef says:

    Hi Sweeti
    I think that you were kinda dreaming in this entry!! But why not?! Let’s keep on dreaming & may be, just may be one day it will come true!!
    Here’s the link, it’s Song Bird for Kenny G
    [audio src="" /]
    Yousef Hani

  8. YP says:

    ur space is cool too and i lik ethe banner! 🙂
    thx for the visit!
    i like to know friends from different places, u r definitely one of ’em!
    going for now, keep droping by and like wise!
    till then, cheers!`

  9. Jaime Campbell says:

    Hey.  Yea, I wish that everyone could get along.  I think of the people who are killing one another in the name of a religion.  Do they really think God would want that?  Ug!

  10. Christopher says:

    Yups very true my friend, very true. Somehow man has never been able to live in peace with his neighbour. That’s the basic rules of survival coming in I guess. But the truthy is, man can gain so much through cooperation than by war.
    Pal I have left the url of a Space where the owner has given directions to make your ‘add photos’ option work again.
    Check it out buddy.
    Take care,
    ~Chris 😀
    PS: Thanks for your advice!!!!! 😉

  11. Arcopol Chaudhuri says:

    You know Shakespeare quoted once, "The world is a stage and we are all mere puppets." I so wish that I could put it this way.."The world is a canvas and we are all the colours that it takes to make it beautiful and makes the painting alive."Cheers!

  12. Shari says:

    Because people suck!

  13. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    We have multicoltural nation in Australia and I’m very happy to became friendly with them..but sometimes
    young people were look for trouble  in past..other countries people are kill each other that it hapened all
    the time in somewhere these day,it’s sad to They are creates many pressurs  for themselves.
    Well, awhile we can enjoy day by days why not D=
    Have a nice day, Hi to Michael.

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