Well he just mailed me  and his now recovering a bit from the heavy treatment he just had..His feeling very tired.
He don taste his food anymore…and  his hair……well u know….
I wanna add this …. with his permission coz he knows how many of my friends ask abt him….and are really so worried.
Now his resistance is a bit better..a bit better than last treatment, but his blood is not that good.
End of march his gonna have a very hard treatment.His gonna be very sick for at least 3 weeks doctors already told him.
We are not allowed to visit him…coz his very vulnerable for infections.Only Iza his GF who is taking care of him.His mom and dad ar visiting as much as they can.
I wanna say Thx to Iza…She is wonderful..
When u should read his mail he send me u will get goos bumps……The way he writes..The optimistic way…Im proud of him
If we all could take a bit pain away from him……..
But God will not allow us.   God be with him.Lets pray and light a candle its the only thing we can do…
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8 Responses to Michael

  1. Stav says:

    Thanks for your comment. Now its my turn…
    I had a friend that went through all of that… It wasnt easy for him as it was for the rest of us…
    All I can say, be patient, supportive, and most of all strong! Make yourself and him smile, thats how you’ll get through this!

  2. þ®äýåg says:

    :))   well all you can do is have faith in god and be supportive. and He will see you and your friend through.tc.

  3. Shawn SKC says:

    Sis, good to hear some news about Micheal… By the way I just want to acknowaldge you something… You have 100% right to copy my article and stories on my blog.. I give you permission for that… Please send my regards to Micheal ok.,. Have a nice days ahead and god bless everybody..

  4. Christopher says:

    Wel, my thoughts are with Michael too. It’s amazing how life can give so much and take so much just as easily. I’m so sorry that Michael has to deal with this ordeal, but I do admire him for his optimism. May the lord be with him.
    Thanks for being such a sweet friend to everyone you meet pal.
    ~ur pal, Chris

  5. Tida says:

    Hi Sweeti, just came by to say hello and see how you’re going on..I do hope you’re doing fine..and wish your friend, Michael, a soon recovery …Take care..& Big hugs

  6. SAURABH says:

    hmm… i think there is alot to learn from michael… i wud like to knw every single thing he had been thru these days… u knw sweeti … michael is so lucky that he has fren like u …and iza ..definetly she is just so wonderfulll… i want same sort of gal in my life too… tell her that she is really special…and she and micheal r goin to spend their lives together… michael will survive…he has to….i am so happy that i m a fren of such a wonderful person…saurabh

  7. ·¦·LiИќĪn_BoI·¦· says:

    hey there!!
    thank u very much for ur comments on my MSN space!! I was happy to read them. yes indeed, the film ur referring to was called FASTBALL. that too was a very very good film!! i liked keeanu reevs in that film, and also all the matrix films as well!
    hehhe, yes chris and i are not very much alike, but yea guess we do have similarities eh? 🙂 hehhe…. thanx for da very very nice comments!!!
    yeeees sureee!!! please do add my blog to ur gues bloggers, and i will add urs to my guest blog list as well!!
    I do hope Micheal will be ok, may the lord protect him now and always and guide him through his hard times.
    god bless!
    ur friend,

  8. Shari says:

    God does let us send all our positive energy though! Send it all! 😛

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