Gain weight

It all started   december 26………..  2004
Tsunami disaster.Had a great impact on me….still is
My emo situation was a disaster…….Cried a lot…..I remember like yesterday…
Its still in my body   cant help it….its all over me…..
I lost in some months 18 pounds weight I was so thin. I did not recognize myself anymore   …Its so wierd
When i looked in the mirror I didn’t see ME…When I saw pics …..dzjee  Was that me??????????
ATM I gained 8 pounds ………….. and im happy with it
Im eating like an elephant   but still    ……But he ..  friends im feeling ok now.
Some ppl wanna loose weight.. ….I wanna gain …..

>inmagine >>inmagine

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8 Responses to Gain weight

  1. Kiran says:

    sweeti!!i too want to gain weight! 🙂 hey n u did a great and kind thing there in Sri Lanka. I can imagine the satisfaction one gets after doing a noble deed and that too caring for children. U know i used to teach poor children while i was at school. i and one of my friend we used to gather small children from a near by construction site. they were so young but used to work there : (.. something that’s very much prevelent here in 3rd world countries. child labour. these children are decieved of all the pleasures of life and education that other children at thier age get. we used to be so happy after teaching them and when we saw them read for the first time. it was awesome experience!! 🙂 some memories… hey, u take care my friend and keep smiling! btw.. give me some tips to gain weight if u get any :))

  2. Unknown says:

    Hey hey Sweety
    Mijn machinetje doet het weer, en ik ben in een paar maanden 3 kilo bijna 4 kilo aangekomen, weeg bijna 64 kilo inderdaad door de vele koeken die ik eet bij de koffie dus binnenkort als ik de 64 heb bereikt proberen daar op te blijven met wat gezondere kost
    Jij ook succes

  3. Meedo says:

    well it is easy to gain weight!!!
    eat oahts with milk and honey [as if u r eating corn flakes!]
    the taste is not that bad but it is a fast way to gain weight
    u take care
    hope it works right with u

  4. Christopher says:

    Just dropping by to say a big hello to you pal!!! 🙂 You have such a sweet heart pal.
    ~Take care, Chris

  5. Shari says:

    Good luck – I think the main thing is that ppl should try to stay healthy – whether that is gaining or losing or maintaining….. 🙂

  6. Donn says:

    Uh…I think I am missing something here…hope you feel better.I’m trying to gain weight too…being skinny is overrated in my opinion.Have a good one.

  7. Michiko's says:

    Hi Sweeti,
    Have a choclolate cake and deep frying seafoods,pizza anything you must not eat to opposite….you trying to eat then what happen..??if I ate chinese food or rice that always gave me a fat tummy even I didn’t have sweets. you ‘ll be alright the photos of your’s I think pretty good.
    Have a nice day. hi to Michael,

  8. ·¦·LiИќĪn_BoI·¦· says:

    hii marij, well life is always like that isn’t it… always want something we don’t have… it could be a meterial item such as a watch, dvd player or even a car. or it could even be something like complexion or hair style… it all comes down to the same thing. however, tryin to gain weight is not wrong, but not too much, cos too much of anything is not good! u must consisder urself lucky, cos u seem to be having a high metabolism rate, where u dun’t gain weight in a hurry…. so thats a good sign 🙂
    yes the tsunami disaster was horrible…. even when i think back at it….. it still gives me the scares, and upsets me so much. our country never suffered such a huge disaster like that ever before!
    god bless and take care!!! 

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