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Each trade in fur should be forbidden   The Canadian government has given permission to kill 325.000 baby seals this year. Sometimes the babys are just one day old…..Did U see those pictures. The hunters club them to death….and than … Continue reading

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A FrIeNd Is MoRe ThAn

A friend is more than someone who wipes Your tears when you are sad. They are more than the person you call when someone makes you incredibly mad. A true friend does not have to be a person you spend … Continue reading

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2 DaY

2 DaY I had my speech in chapel to collect money for our projects in Sri Lanka. We came a lil early coz I had to take the sri lakan candlelstick in to the chapel. When the mass started I … Continue reading

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When i woke up this morning ….i could feel temperature outside was above zero. It felt comfortable. I had my shower with open window,.Normally i have the heat on max……and all windows closed   ..Coz guys…. u know  I need warmth….     … Continue reading

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ThE rIgHt PeRsOn

ThE rIgHt PeRsOn Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong ppl before meeting the right one…so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be gratefull for that gift.   When the door … Continue reading

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MichaelWell friends I have some good news I wanna share.There is a turn ……….in Michaels cancer proces…Monday his cells were very low..But the CT scan and pat scan were positiv Oh I feel so happy…I know its just a lil … Continue reading

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This morning when i came outside the house to go for work .. I heard birds singing…. Its spring…..I love this feeling …. Flowers are starting to grow……. But…Temperature is still very low  ..its not normal this year … its still to cold … Continue reading

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I found this and i thought to share this with u …. WHAT DO ANGELS LOOK LIKE? Like the little old lady who returned your wallet yesterday. Like the taxi driver who told you that your eyes light up the world … Continue reading

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Kiran …  good to hear ur dad is doing ok..  Thx God…..being healthy is the most important thing… Never forget …..    Abt Michael   Just had a call from my sis…Not such  a good news….Michael is very sick…his red blood … Continue reading

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Cyber – Harassmant

A real plague   It seems that the new methods of making contact is also inventing a new kind of plague. Trough SMS……mails  even….changing pics and  put them on internet for the whole world to see….hacking computers…..just for so called … Continue reading

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