WhY CaN I TalK WiTh U

This morning I had a talk on the phone with an employe of our nursing home.
A month ago she lost her husband….  She went in the morning just doing her job…..Came home and found her husband death.He was so young  ……
She told her story  to me ……I listened…. Tears in my eyes .Atm  she was overloaded with forms to fill in…Bankaccounts ….insurrance things and so much other  paper work .The paperwork did not gave her time for mourning…..What a world we are  living in.
We talked for almost an hour….she needed to cry…to kick agianst a door, to shout …..
The point here
I dont know the woman personally…..but we talked and i knew that she was going through  ………I needed just a half a word
She needed this….this simple talk with me….
Such a things are happening to me so often nowadays……How come???Dunno
2 day  ppl dont give other ppl time to tell their story…Just listen ……Its so important
People need people

inmagine inmagine

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10 Responses to WhY CaN I TalK WiTh U

  1. Michiko's says:

    Hi Marij,
    I can talk to you now,that I’m strong? at back 1999 I ‘ve lost my husband the lung cancer,I this wandreing
    it not wisely to tell you? but you ‘ve asked me, Michael is still young just keep pray for him… okay….
    The last years MuseMonky one of blogg friends she was nearly died but she is okay now, So,have a positive
    thinking…try not crying Marij,because it doesn’t help in the situation….there’s nothing wrong with having a low day,lots of times those times are followed by happier times.
    Have a nice day,

  2. Netal says:

    Hey Marij
    I live in Holland, lived there my entire life. My parents moved here for work before I was born. I am thinking about moving back to India after my studies, but I’m not sure yet, depends on a lot of different things.
    Well, we’ll chat soon.
    xxx Netal

  3. ·¦·LiИќĪn_BoI·¦· says:

    hii Marij,
    yes ur blog has a lot of meaning…. in this world, we need to always lend an ear to everyone in need, as its just a moment of understanding and listening that could change the entire frame of mind of the person concerned! sometimes we may never the right answers for all the questions that the person has in his/her mind, but sometimes, just listening would be more than enough to make a huge difference to the person.
    that employee is lucky she had u to talk to!! god will bless u, marij….
    take care, and keep up the good work!

  4. Jitender says:

    Who’s got the time? We spend our lives too busy with the business of staying alive to remember what life is.
    I don’t know how a woman can force a man to change his religion but apparently some women do 😛 It was an arranged marriage. She knew what kind of family she was marrying into but didn’t really give a damn.

  5. Captivating Warrrior says:

    Hey….. wow… I think that is quite sad 😦 we do need to listen and be there for people when they are in pain and hurting.
    I hope you are well.. have a good week, God bless 🙂

  6. L says:

    Hello dear Marij,
    Ben weer geroerd door je log,,,
    Soms is het leven onbgrijpelijk.
    Na zoveel leed is er weer de kilte van de werkelijkheid \
    Een papieren land waarin geen tijd en ruimte lijkt te zijn voor
    de innerlijke mens. Ik ben blij dat jij daarin een uitzondering bent.
    Goed van jou om de ruimte te nemen en even de spiegel te zijn voor de werkneemster.

  7. Arcopol Chaudhuri says:

    Its amazing how the most commonest of strangers become the very people we confide in, when it comes to stories of sorrows and troubles. People do need people and that’s what makes us social animals.

  8. Christopher says:

    Well, thanks god for people like you who give two hoots about others, even strangers! The world is a better place to live in because of people like you Marij…..
    PS: I will mail you the url soon!
    Have a great day buddy!

  9. Princess says:

    People love things like car, toys, possesions etc.,
    People need to love fellow people.

  10. Deepak, or ppl call me deeeepakh says:

    well wat u write is prob true, i mean i would rarely sit down and talk 2 a stranger abt his/her problems. but then again i guess this is how this world operates. wen ure down u have no one to turn to either.
    well all i can say is m proud of u, u seem to be a very nice person.
    atleast u try where others dun even think abt it.

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