Well friends I have some good news I wanna share.
There is a turn ……….in Michaels cancer proces…
Monday his cells were very low..
But the CT scan and pat scan were positiv Oh I feel so happy…I know its just a lil start of his healing proces but is good… THX God.
I wanna say thx to everybody for always supporting me…Coz i needed that
And Michael he knows ur there for him……

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4 Responses to Michael

  1. Christopher says:

    I was laughing when I read your comment! Dang! Is it so obvious? How did you guess I was referring to K from U?? Was it my previous post about her being missing?  🙂 Well, yes she and I do chat whenever we can meet up and we end up talking non stop. Too many similarities between us I guess, so much so that we never end up having enough time to finish what we were saying!
    Anyway, you are indeed a smart one my friend! As for Michael, well I’m so happy to hear that so far, things are going well! It’s always nice to hear good news, that’s for sure!!
    Thanks for being a great friend Marij and thank you for all your nice thoughts,
    Take care and have a great day!!
    ~Chris 🙂 

  2. Annie says:

    was just passing and read yr blog etc.so nice to hear good news,things can only get better now. so good luck to micheal and to u of course. u hv a nice space. take care huni annie

  3. Jacqui's says:

    Hi sweeti
    That’s great news! I hope things continue to improve. By the way, I’m going to school to run that PET scan machine! 😉
    Much love to you and Michael

  4. ·¦·LiИќĪn_BoI·¦· says:

    Hiii Marij!!!
    wow, well thats very good news indeed! so I guess our prayers have been working! I hope he will continue to recover, and get well soon! may god be with him now and always!!!
    take care marij, and plz convey our wishes to him!!

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