When i woke up this morning ….i could feel temperature outside was above zero. It felt comfortable.
I had my shower with open window,.Normally i have the heat on max……and all windows closed   ..Coz guys….
u know  I need warmth….
Im going to hairdresser  for the monthly  treatment  ….Well the time im sitting there i have always nice conversation with the hairdresser He is such a social man. He is a man of my heart  Has same ideas abt life ….
2 mo I have @ work in chapel my second speech for collect money for Sri Lanka project..
One of these days  our second project will be finished…My friends in Colombo have to transport the filled backbags and shoes to the poor kids in Belihuloya school.
I can not b with them  But in my heart and mind im there  Believe me…..
The priest @ my work is also very interested in our projects….So My boss adopted my projects for three years
So once and a while i can do a  speech  and collect some money.I tell ppl what we did  with the money i Collected 4 months ago. …They have a right to know.where the money they give to spend for  I always let ppl see pics.
So 2 mo when the mass start i will light a Sri Lankan brass candlestick.. I can use him from a friend..
Its a welcome tradition in Sri Lanka  and i will use it to start the mass. The priest (who is a close friend of mine)
agreed and found it a good idea.
So now i have to make my speech..Well i dont need to write things down..Coz when i start talking abt Those projects (My close friends know that) i cant stop ..LOL
So wish me luck…

inmagine inmagine

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15 Responses to Change

  1. HaRbiRz says:

    All the Best Dear !

  2. Princess says:

    Wish you all the best.

  3. Jaime Campbell says:

    You are just wonderful.  I love the things that you do.  Very giving. 
    Have a fantastic weekend, my friend.
    Hugs and love,

  4. HaRbiRz says:

    Hi… Me a Sikh. This is a Punjabi Song that I like a Lot.
    The boys sings out to the gurl whos leaving Him…
    That Uve returned me ma heart and the pictures and the letters…Wot about all the other things like…
    The first time we met… the time we spent together… the moonlit walks ..the Waking me up in the middle of the night… the rains in which we danced etc etc…
    He says she still has his stuff with her yet.

  5. Jitender says:

    Hope it goes (went?) well.

  6. D says:

    I luv india, its my motherland, its alwayz gonna have a special place in my heart but i am sort of indifferent to other places in the world, there are human beings every where, we all have to struggle in our own wayz where ever we are… but i still luv india cuz its my mother land and i miss it

  7. Unknown says:

    Hallo lieve Marij
    Wens je een fijne avond en gezellige Zondag, mooie foto’s trouwens.
    Zoonlief heeft een paar nieuwe van mij gemaakt heb de 65 kilootjes bereikt en krijg een dikke kop hahaha en een onderkin.
    Tc Marianne

  8. Jacqui's says:

    I love your heart and your soul. You know what you need to do? Make a donation box here on your site (if you can) for your cause. Explain your cause and have a "Donate Here" button. I’m sure you can do it somehow. How awesome would that be?
    Love and Hugs

  9. Jacqui's says:

    You’ll do great with your speech! We are with you in spirit! You have good karma, Marij, and you’lll be rewarded for your kindness in some way. But I have the feeling you are already have abundant luck (and love) because of the kind of person you are.

  10. Unknown says:

    Hey Marij
    Thanks voor je lieve reacties, en natuurlijk hoor je kopieert maar wat je wilt, no problem at all.
    Liefs en hugs Marianne

  11. SAURABH says:

    wish u best of luck for tat…
    i m sure u can do it…
    so how the things r goin at ur end…??

  12. Arun says:

    hey sweeeetybest of luckarun

  13. Pathma says:

    U are so giving. U have a kind soul. I’m sure you’ll be blessed greatly. All the best!

  14. ·¦·LiИќĪn_BoI·¦· says:

    Hey Marij!!!
    Life doesn’t always allow us to meet such caring individuals like you…. but I am so thankful to god, that he did allow me to meet someone like you! It just amazes me how much you care for my country and how you always want to help us out so much in every little way possible! Its not just your friends in Colombo, but all of us, including myself is really proud of everything you do, and I know for sure that god will bless you immesnly! I am not surprised that the priests are so interested in all your work…
    Marij, you will always be in my prayers….
    May god bless you, and be with you in all your work, and with you always….
    your friend,

  15. meghna says:

    hi there…
    well all the best… its a great thing u r doing..
    take care

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