2 DaY

2 DaY I had my speech in chapel to collect money for our projects in Sri Lanka.
We came a lil early coz I had to take the sri lakan candlelstick in to the chapel.
When the mass started I had to light the welcom candles to show our solidarity ….
I wished i could add more pics here….
On this pic I show the ppl the place our project is situated…and i light the Sri Lankan candlestick The stick is just behind the rose.(sorry) Mass was in the restaurant coz of construction works, around the chapel.
Hope U have an idea what i did…..
I was a bit nerves coz its always a bit strange to talk in front of ppl…..Im not used doing this.
But u know When im talking abt our projects its hard to stop for me…..
Well if I may say so…..ppl were very giving…I will know 2 mo the exact amount.
THX to u all….. for supporting me
Friends bloggers…U were great
Lord give me the peace to accept things i cant change…
but give me the courage to change things I can change..
and the wisdom to make a distinction between these…..
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5 Responses to 2 DaY

  1. D says:

    Hi, are u a volunteer in Sri Lanka, if u are, wow i have much respect 4 u, cuz every1 wants to help, but very few actually do help!

  2. A Utah Woman Am I says:

    The pictures indicate only that things went well and that you are one of those individuals who are trying to change the world with your good deeds!  What more can I say then that we need more people like you in the world! 
    Hope.  You bring hope with your smiles and your good deeds.  Never cease to give it!
    I enjoyed reading about your first job story!  So thanks for sharing it!
    Take care of yourself Marij!

  3. Jacqui's says:

    Hi Marij…
    I’m sure you did great, giving your speech! Let us know how much ppl contributed..I’m glad to know there are enough caring generous people in this world!

  4. Vijay says:

    Regardless of the amount, the thought counts a lot and I m so glad there are so many givers in today’s world to help the less fortunate. Let’s keep the spirit alive and chip in with what we can. If you wanna use my cartoons to raise some money…feel free to use them for what it’s worth. I definitely support the help for the tsunami affected.

  5. ·¦·LiИќĪn_BoI·¦· says:

    Hiiii Marij,
    hey it was nice to see the photos, and yes regardless of the amount of money u finally receieve, I just hope that more people’s heart’s open up and support the cause, because more than anything else, whats most needed is the true support of the people and their willingness to help u and the church as well.
    dun worry about being nervous to do presentations, Marij…. cos afterall whats most important is what ur presenting, and wat ur presenting is something so meaningful and its all about the sufferings of our ppl here in SL.
    im always proud of u, Marij…. i’ll always pray for you, and I hope things will go well for u in all ur endeavours to help the ppl of my country.
    god bless u, always, my dear friend….

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